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Feb 16, 2008 01:02 PM

Does anyone think Friedman's the new kosher deli in chealsea market is way over priced

I went there and got soup and it was $10.00 and normally I would be fine and just not tip becuase it's so over priced but they include the tip. So I told the owner I was never coming back there.

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    1. I can't think of any Jewish deli that's a bargain let alone even fairly priced right now. 2nd Ave. is $6.95, and if you take out, that's for the smallest size. Do they smash a matzoh ball into that container? Sarge's is probably cheapest, but that place is like Russian roulette to order from. Artie's is $3.75/$6.95 which I guess would be fair if the chicken stock didn't taste so watered down.

      Maybe something outside Manhattan?

      1. Bryan,
        Glad to hear you have the fortitude not to patronize a joint like this.All of the delis are way overpriced. The ingredients are not that expensive and there is little preparation.
        Of course, there are many people who will continue to support these ripoffs. It is salted or pickled whatever, people, get over it. Yes, it can taste good but at some point you can do better for that money but people love their own, to a degree.
        This place is about as expected, a complete waste, much like the Thai place it is next to. I cannot believe how bad that place is. How can anyone eat that?
        Also, the French Oven is what this Friedman's replaced, they had the best fruit tarts in NYC(especially after 5pm, 2/1). Was the same owner as Madeleine's now,where the tarts got smaller and not quite as good and less convenient.

        I DO!