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Jan 5, 2002 02:48 PM


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Finally got a chance to try Pacifico's in Culver City last night. A real find, and we will be back. Perhaps a little more healthy than many mexican-style seafood restaurants, but certainly not "Cal-Mexican". A beautiful display of fresh fish and seafood when you walk in. Started off with a ceviche platter ($6.95). My wife's father was a zen master of ceviche, and she said that Pacifico's was just as good. Then we shared a huge bowl of corn chowder - world class. My wife said that she would come back for the chowder alone. We both had the three taco combo - shrimp, mahi mahi and salmon tacos served with rice and grilled vegetables ($10.95). A lot to eat, and we ended up taking some home with us. Can't wait to try the house specialty, whole fried red snappper (El Huachinago - $12.95 for a 1 pounder), the huge shrimp cocktail ($9.95) and the seafood fajitas ($12.95). Some of the soups also looked very good. Excellent and attentive wait staff, and one of the owners can over and introduced himself. All of the customers seemed very happy. Nothing fancy or esoteric about the place, very family-friendly with solid food. My only criticism was that it was a little too bright for us. The reason that I have included prices was that an earlier posting said that the prices were ridiculous. Don't know what some people expect; maybe the lowered their prices since they opened. The restaurant opened about six months ago. A tough time to open a restaurant, and I hope that these people make it.

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  1. I ditto the recommedation. I really enjoyed everything when I was there last (I was there shortly after they opened, and based on the prices you've reported, they have not increased). I also enjoyed the fish tacos but am looking forward to trying the El Huachinago next time I go. We sat outside on the patio near the firepit and it was casual and relaxing. Our server was terrific.

    1. I was one of the posters who earlier criticized Pacifico's prices. The first time I had lunch there (shortly after they opened), the quality of the food and dining experience simply did not match the prices.

      I recently decided to give them a second chance, and what a pleasant surprise. They now offer more value-priced lunches. Quality and freshness of the fish was excellent, portions were generous. Service very nice, genuinely warm.

      1. Can we get an exact address on this place? Was it busy when you were there? Was the Cevice mixed fish?
        I just gotta know.

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          9341 Culver Blvd. (310) 559-3474. Close to Robertson and Venice - right where Culver splits off from Venice. I believe that the ceviche was only red snapper. Not crowded when we were there around 7:00 P.M.

        2. Maybe the Grubs dinner at Pacifico's was in an alternate world, or a dream, or more correctly, a nightmare. Our experience was one Bohemia above dreadful. The ceviche was uninspired & flaccid. For a few bucks more, hie thee to El Pollo Inka for the definitive ceviche. My huachinango (red snapper) was small & so over-deep-fried that it was difficult to determine where the little bit o' fish ended & bone began. Senora Gruba's fajitas (one of her guilty pleasures usually) were bland to the extreme & floating in a mar of some type of oily substance. While not pricey, also not inexpensive for such Spartan surroundings. Ugh. No repechage for this place.

          1. Owned by Howdy Kabrins, founder of La Salsa chain. Former Boston Market building, now well disguised. Regarding prices, keep in mind that the minimum wage just went up so all restaurant prices will be inching up.