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Jan 5, 2002 02:29 AM

Saito rave (longish, rambling...)

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JUst went back to Saito's last night. Whoo!

By way of intro,I've lived in this neighborhood twelve years; the only time I'd been there before was to meet the junior hound (then 9) and his friend,and friend's mom, for what a pair of 9 yr. olds might reasonably be expected to be eating: tuna roll. I was in a hurry, we weren't sitting at the sushi bar, and those who've been there know that the decor, and in particular the locale, doesn't make the sale.

Last night, based on Chow-List reviews, I went back with spouse, and no kid, in tow. The best sushi I've ever had. The best sushi she's ever had. Only sushi I had that came close was the old Hillhurt Katsu, and now I think that mighta been Saito as well (also at the old Katsu, if you weren't wearing all black, you felt there was a risk of being thrown out 'cause you clashed with the decor...)

We let him make suggestions, expressed a cuople of preferences, and at the risk of sounding a little too reverent, it was damn near art.

Only problem is now I feel like a dope for not figuring this out sooner.....


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  1. do you remember any highlights? I've been to Saito's before, but wasn't that impressed. Sasabune, Nozawa, Shibucho, Kazu, and of course Katsu in Studio City are all much much better. don't get me wrong Saito's was good, but it just wasn't the most exciting (although have only been there once).

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    1. re: kevin

      where is Saito located??

      1. re: Lauren

        Lauren, Saito's is in a pink minimall at Sunset and Fountain in Silverlake, across from Akbar.

        Rfgs, glad you liked it. I was there last night, too... Did he make you one of his minced toro hand-rolls? He adds these little acidic bits of yellow pickle to balance the mellow richness of the toro. One of my favorites...

        1. re: Rafi
          R Gould-Saltman

          Yep, had the toro-and-pickle roll, which I'd never seen before, but I saw the couple next to us having (maybe it was you?) Had the scallop sashimi. Had the albacore.

          Was any of this the most exotic ingredient available? No. Was it the most complex presentation imaginable?No. That was part of why it worked.

          Do I necessarily believe that this is the best sushi in the world? No. L.A. County? Never been to Ginza Sushiko; I've got a car payment to make. Is it astonishing to me that I've overlooked this place, about a mile from my house, for five years? Yep.




    2. Give us a run-down on what you ate and why it was so good. Can we get an actual address? What was the cost of the meal or individual dishes? Did you have anything special to drink with your meal? Inquiring minds have to know.

      1. Hi Rich, fellow karate-parent,
        I too recently ate at Saito for the first time after living a mile away for years. We had a much smaller selection but it was excellent as well, especially the albacore sashimi. I will be returning soon for a wider selection (my companion didn't feel like trying the scallops but I would like to). And the gang members lounging on your car in front of the laundromat just add to the ambience, in my opinion.