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Feb 16, 2008 12:11 PM

Visit to San Antonio - restaurant suggestions? [moved from the Austin board]

HI there fellow Austin chowhounds. We're heading down to San Antonio tomorrow for a quick trip and are looking for dinner place suggestions. Not too expensive or fancy, and we'll have our 1 year old with us, so someplace kiddo friendly. My dad will be in from Chicago, so maybe something like some good tex mex or interior mex?

I've only been down there a few times from Austin...anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. One of my favorites is La Fonda Main. It touts itself as the oldest in San Antonio (1932). It's in an area that's mainly residential. The restaurant itself is an older hacienda-style home. Very quaint and casusal with a lovely patio (lots of trees) in the back.

    I often see families there, so the kiddo will be welcome.

    Though I'm usually a carnivore when dining out, their Enchiladas Espinaca is a personal favorite of mine.

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      I have heard GREAT things about this place. Is it walkable form the Riverwalk?

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        I'm afraid that would be quite a walk. I'd guess it to be around 5 miles or better.

    2. Thanks so much for the suggestion (and for moving the post - whoever did that!) I bookmark the Austin board and didn't even think to look outside at other board options. Thanks!

      1. Where are you staying? will you have a car?
        San Antonio is an ENORMOUS city.

        If you are staying on the riverwalk, your options are EXTREMLY limited.

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          I wouldn't say that at all - Fig Tree, Acenar, Pesca, Las Canarias, Casa Rio, Boudro's, Citrus are all on Riverwalk and v. good. A five minute walk gets you to the Palm, Houston St. Bistro, Yokonyu, Bonahan's, Morton's, a fifteen minute walk gets you to Southtown and Rosario's, Tito's, La Frite, Zushi Sushi, La Foccacia, Azuca, El Mirador - all v. good too.

        2. I think there is a lot of good food within either walking or by trolley from the Riverwalk.

          I got 4 suggestions
          Guenther House
          Casa Rio
          Mi Tierra

          Schilo's a german deli is 1 blocks south of the Alamo. It's an awesome place for lunch. For $5-10 you can get homemade rootbeer, sausage, german potato salad, amazing deserts and my favorite is the meatloaf platter. It's usually packed with both downtown workers and tourists. You can find the TNT Basketball Cameramen eating there on gamedays for the Spurs.

          Guenther House is a terrific place for breakfast/brunch. It's in the King William District south of Downtown which is full of beautiful historic homes from the 1900's. It's currently a hot place for modern art galleries too. The Guenther House is a stately, historic house that overlooks the river as it makes it way south from downtown. Next door is the Pioneer foods silo where they make the Pioneer Gravy packets. Needless to say, the have awesome Biscuits and Gravy. They serve biscuits and gravy with fresh fruits on the side (canaloupe, berries, strawberries, grapes). While you wait to eat, you can check out the cooking shop in the Guenther house where you can buy all kings of unique texas backing tools (alamo cookie cutters, aprons, bundt pans) and cookbooks.

          If you're looking for mexican food, I love Casa Rio. It's on the Rivewalk but away from the noise and traffic of the mall, bourdro's, and all that other junk. It's a quiet family run place with the most reasonable prices and authentic food on the Riverwalk. The inside isn't much to look at so I recommend eating outside on the patio overlooking the Riverwalk. Dinner or lunch will run you $5-15 per person.

          Or if you're lucky, there will be street food vendor's in the Market Square. You can beat a puffy taco, or fresh taco al carbon from a street vendor. The Market Square is very easy to access, it'll be 5 minutes by trolley from the Riverwalk. Mi Tierra is a great place to eat. Very touristy but the food is great. They have a bakery for your sweettooth if you're craving some pumpkin empanadas. The best part it that his place is up 24hours so if you want a heaping bowl of tortilla soup, menudo or enchilada, it's your place.

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            I'll be in San Antonio for four days. Any suggestions on good lunch places?

            WE've got a car and will do touristy things like Riverwalk/Alamo. We're staying somewhere in teh Northwest near a medical center but am willing to drive for good food.

            I've been to Fonda years ago! it was very good.