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Feb 16, 2008 12:10 PM

Sat night in the west or east village

We just lucked out and got an offer of babysitting help tonight -- and we're looking for someplace tasty (and maybe a little romantic) where we might be able to nab an early (6:30ish) reservation or at least not wait too long. Somewhere in W Vill is preferable. Tried Lupa and Blue Hill and Otto but no luck there. Any suggestions, please?

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  1. I love Perry Street! Worth a try for an early reservation. I think it is romantic, and also tasty :)

    1. I just checked Opentable, and Bar Blanc has a 6:00. That would be my choice. Village and North Square have 6:30 and would also be good choices. To see all possibilities, go to Opentable, put in the neighborhood and time, and a list will come up. Good luck!

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        I haven't been to any of these yet -- which would you recommend? Is North Square the Washington Square Hotel bar? Thanks for the input!

        1. re: evillgirl

          Of these my favorite is Bar Blanc, a little more pricey than the others but superb food. North Square is in the WSH, but it is not the bar, it is on the corner facing the square. The bar is inside behind the restaurant.

      2. Also, just checked Crispo on Opentable. They have a 7:00. It's not romantic, and will probably be somewhat noisy but the food is terrific.