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Feb 16, 2008 12:08 PM

Il Nido Charlotte?

What's the story with this place? I was at Thai Orchid last night and we walked past it. Never hear much about it. it appeared to be quite busy. GFL? Lynnlato? Have you been? What's the 411?

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  1. I went a couple weeks ago. My wife and I thought it was just okay, but it was not too expensive. The space is kind of bare, but cozy. The food really was just your average red sauce and pasta Italian. I got a veal dish that was smothered in tomato sauce. The meat was thin and generally tasteless. I honestly can't even remember what my wife or anyone else got. As a reference point, I went to Fiamma recently as well and thought it was far superior.

    1. That's the place near Red Rocks at Strawberry Hill, right? I've never been but a few years ago, just after it opened, a friend told me she heard it was good. But again, that was years ago and someone told someone who told me.

      In other words, I have no idea. HA!

      1. I was there sometime ago and remember almost nothing about the experience. I remember I put it on my been there done that list as it was not at all special. I guess that says it all.

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          Wow. That's a pretty consistent yawn. Thanks everyone.