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6 dozen eggs

Ordered by mistake on Safeway.com...I am thinking of it as an opportunity rather than a mistake, and want to try something (s) new.

What would you do?

I am making creme brulee tonight

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  1. You can make some quiches, biscuits, and egg burritos and freeze them. Then you don't have to worry about breakfast or lunch for a long time!

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      Meringues! They're really easy and so fun. Vanilla, lemon, chocolate, coffee--the possibilities are endless.

      Bread pudding.

      Egg, chorizo, cheese and bean burritos.

    2. Eggs will also keep longer than the date on the package.

      Just keep them in the original cartons and put them on the lowest shelf of the fridge in the back.

      They should be good for at least a month to 6 weeks.

      1. lemon curd.

        angel food cakes.

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          hehe, yeah. I was going to say angel food cake and ice cream. I used up a ton of eggs that way.

          1. I don't know if you celebrate Easter, but you could have one mean Easter egg hunt! Deviled eggs and egg salad always go over well in my house. Poached eggs with hollandiase, and cheese strata are also good choices. Mmmm. I'd eat eggs every day for breakfast if I could. French toast, over easy, scrambled, omelet, egg sandwich with bacon and cheese..I gotta go make some eggs now, excuse me :)

            1. i posted some links to recipes for deviled eggs, frittatas and quiche. for some reason, it is gone. ;-(


              deviled egg ideas, plus other ideas yet unmentioned here, e.g., potato salad.

              omelettes and frittatas:

              bed and breakfast inns online, recipes for quiches:

              and as mentioned above, kept cool in deepest fridge, eggs will last a while; this info from usda on egg safety

              "4. How long will eggs keep in the refrigerator? Use raw shell eggs within 3 to 5 weeks. Hard-cooked eggs will keep 1 week. Use leftover yolks and whites within 4 days.

              5. How long will eggs keep frozen? About 6 months. You can freeze white separately. For whole eggs, beat yolks and whites together.If eggs freeze accidentally in their shells, keep them frozen until needed. Defrost in the refrigerator. Discard any with cracked shells."

              btw, i didn't know you could freeze eggs!

              1. At my house, 6 dozen eggs would be gone in no time. Tortillas and eggs for breakfast, man-o-man!
                Heat up a skillet and melt some butter. Tear up 2-3 corn tortillas and saute them in the butter until they're fragrant and pliable. Crack 2-3 eggs over the tortillas, and stir to scramble in the pan. Salt and eat. Makes a great, easy breakfast for babies, toddlers, parents, grandparents.

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                  vickib, that made me remember chilaquiles!

                  this blog's info and recipes is nice:

                  also from chow:

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                    ooooo good call alkapal! I love these -struck a hunger cord here.
                    You can make 6 doz eggs fly making these.

                    My input:
                    Deviled egg salad
                    Baked eggs with herbs
                    omelette's with tomatoes, avocado, bacon and creme fraiche for dinner
                    crepes -savory and sweet
                    egg drop soup
                    egg foo yung - I know corny but I love this for breakfast! (don't forget sprouts)
                    chili relleno casserole-mmmm haven't made this in ages...
                    creme brulee or flan or clafoutti
                    little egg bundles, filled with shrimp and spinach, tied with scallion-yum!
                    scuse the spelling today, its early for me.

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                      Yum. Chilaquiles. Also, to be really Mexican, make a big glorious pot of frijoles de olla, and eat them with fried eggs and tortillas. That'll keep you going a looonnng time.

                  2. You could make ice cream with the yolks and a pavlova or angel food cake with the whites, if you're in a desserty frame of mind. I adore eggs scrambled, poached, soft boiled, egg salad sandwiches, fried egg on burgers or Japanese style curry or a bowl of noddles with the center runny, with tortillas and a melty cheese, in cobb salad, hollandaise or homemade mayo...shall I go on? Another favorite is to scramble three eggs with a little shoyu and sugar to top a sesame vinagrette dressed eggplant salad with some chopped tomato. Fantastic combo of textures and flavors. Highly recommended, and if you don't like eggplant, try subbing fluffy steamed potatoes, which is sometimes better for winter if you don't live where eggplant arrives in good shape this time of year.

                    1. The first two recipes on this page are pretty good. (Last ones good too,but doesn't use eggs)


                      1. I made a flan recipe from Julia Child that uses up 6 eggs and 5 egg yolks and it is fantastic! To use up that remaining egg whites, I make the Italian chocolate hazelnut cookies, I can't remember the name right now.

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                        1. When I have too many eggs, I make a bunch of hard boiled to snack on for the next week or so. Just need some salt and pepper.

                          1. Quiches freeze very well.

                            I was just looking up recipes for lemon curd. Some (Alton Brown) use a bunch of yolks, others use fewer whole eggs.

                            Frozen or chilled souffles. Now is the time to experiment with meringues.

                            1. Make a giant batch of spaghetti carbonara! This reheats well and is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking.

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                                leftovers are also good in a frittata, thereby using up more eggs.

                              2. Spaetzle uses a lot of eggs. Other homemade pastas do, as well.

                                1. What about some egg salad. I just hard boil the eggs and mix with mayo and green or black olives. Also, Homemade Caeser Dressing uses a lot of eggs and keeps for several days.

                                  1. homemade mayonnaise? keeps for a good while in the fridge.

                                    egg custard

                                    give some to neighbours?

                                    my dogs like eggs - give one or two a week to the dog?

                                    1. Ina Garten's recipe for coconut macaroons. They are ridiculously easy and so delicious especially when served warm from the oven.

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                                        well, i guess 2 egg whites is a dent in the supply, daisym... :-)

                                      2. I didn't see one mention of eclairs which use tons of eggs. I have also made the pâte à choux (dough) into 8" rounds instead of individual eclairs and fill with custard and chocolate glaze over the top round for a beautiful presentation -- an "eclair torte" so to speak. You can also make pâte à choux "eclairs" and fill with a savory filling instead -- perhaps a curry chicken salad or dill chicken salad or ... endless possibiltiies. But get out there and make some eclairs (2" ones) and knock 'em out at the office.

                                        1. Poached egg on baked potato is the ultimate comfort food. Also mix a little pesto in the filling for deviled eggs.

                                          1. Pickled Eggs. If you haven't canned before, they are a great and easy place to start. Really good with beer.

                                            A basic recipe is to hardboil a couple dozen eggs and peel. Boil white vinegar with ginger slices and whole garlic cloves slightly crushed for 15 minutes. Get your jars and tops ready however your preferred method is (I put them in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes.)

                                            Then, in each jar, drop a teaspoon of pickling spice. Next pack in the eggs. Fill the jars with the vinegar solution, cap and seal. Then process in the water bath for 10 minutes.

                                            So tasty and your friends will love you when they show up 3 months from now for a beer.

                                            1. Thanks all some really good ideas here....i made a chile relleno casserole, and will make chilaquiles this friday for a lenten dinner. I will freeze some quiches this weekend.

                                              1. Make a semi frido. (Giada from FN) has a fantastic one that calls for several egg yolks. YUM!