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Left with lots of sour cream

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I bought a huge tub of sour cream to use in a cupcake recipe. After a test run, I realized I preferred another recipe. I don't want to just throw out all the sour cream I have, but don't know what to make since I don't usually use any in my cooking. Any suggestions for some simple tasty items?

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  1. Coffeecake (the Barefoot Contessa's sour cream coffeecake is good), chocolate cake, in a cheesecake, various dips ... pretty much check out the Barefoot Contessa's recipes, lol.

    1. Chicken Paprikash

      Cheese cake with a sour cream layer on top.

      Cucumber & onion salad with sour cream, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper.

      Baked potato with toppings for supper.

      Almost forgot my favorite, strawberries topped with sour cream and brown sugar. Delicious!

      1. Mix 2-3 tbs with some fresh or dried chives. Mix with a few eggs before you scrable them...

        1. I made the sour cream banana bread from this site--recommend it highly. Sour cream is also hard to beat with chips and salsa (that's how I'm using up what I had left over).

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            I second the recommendation for the banana bread. My daughter the picky eater said it was the best banana bread ever.

          2. The Cake Bible has an amazingly creamy cheesecake that calls for 3 cups of sour cream. If you like a soft creamy cheesecake, this one is well worth trying.

            1. Here's some ideas for you:

              Beef Stroganoff
              Sour Cream Pound Cake
              Baked intMuffins
              Twice Baked Potatoes
              Mashed Potatoes
              A Creamy Alfredo type sauce
              Potato or Vegetable Pancakes
              Cheese Blintzes............and Lipton Onion Soup Mix for Dips

              1. I like to use sour cream instead of milk to mash potatoes from time to time.

                Hungarian Mushroom Soup will also dispatch some of it.

                1. the best sour cream pound cake:

                  knorr's veggie soup mix spinach dip with extra scallions and water chestnuts
                  -- a must!
                  see my "Ode to Knorr's Spinach Dip (on its Transformation from a Humble Dry Mix)" ©*

                  beef stroganoff

                  chicken paprikash

                  twice baked potatoes

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                      what an idiot i've been: this recipe doctors up my beloved knorr spinach dip with crabmeat!

                      now, why not add in some artichokes and garlic, to boot!

                  1. A big fruit salad!
                    Pineapple, peaches, apples, banana, Mango, Splenda, all mixed into sour cream and set in the fridge overnight to meld...

                    1. Tyler's Ultimate Cheesecake (fantastic even when made lactose free) requires two cups.

                      Great for banana bread too.

                      BF likes sliced strawberries w/ sour cream and brown sugar sprinkled over the top.

                      Spinach/Broccoli Souffle

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                        emme, spinach broc souffle sounds good. please share recipe?

                        hey LTL, at this stage, you're going to have to buy MORE sour cream! ;-)

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                          I agree!! So many things I want to try cooking now ;)

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                            i posted this elsewhere recently, but it's broccoli or spinach well cooked and drained if neceesary (or combos of cooked veggies, the recipe is so adaptable), blended w/ egg white approx 2 dpending upon size, a few dollops of non-fat ricotta, a few dollops of fat free sour cream (or regular), Lipton's onion soup mix. Blend til smooth and bake in a Pam pan. It'll take a beating and any turns you might take with it.

                        2. Sour cream will also keep well past it's expiration date.

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                            Flip it upside down when you store it. I may have even heard this on CH, but I swear by it. Keeps much longer.

                            1. re: diablo

                              yep, it works....with yogurt and cottage cheese, too.

                              1. re: diablo

                                That is the best advice ever. I'm getting off my chair to do *just* that.

                            2. Use it for a fresh cucumber salad -- with some lemon, s&p, fresh dill, perhaps a hint of mustard.

                              Or make a horseradish sauce for roast beef -- just add s&p & horseradish to taste.

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                                Take that horseradish sauce one step further...I just made a blue-cheese-and-horseradish sauce for a steak. The blue cheese I had was awfully bland; it's way better with a good, pungent blue like Maytag. I started with about a tablespoon of butter and three or four very small cloves of garlic. Then I threw in a handful of crumbled blue cheese, let it melt, stirred in a couple tablespoons of horseradish, about a fourth cup of sour cream, and a lot of fresh ground black pepper.

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                                  Schmecksville, rev! All that talk about sour cream made me crave roast beef and baked potato. Finished an entire (small) container of sour cream. Easy peasy .... and sooooo healthy '-P. Now I'm glad I didn't read your blue cheese version. I'd feel even more stuffed ----

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                                    does anyone else use the humble yet sublime potato as a mere vehicle for butter and sour cream?

                                    btw rev, that sounds so good. how would gorgonzola work? not the dolce, obviously...

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                                        gosh, that taleggio looks good.

                                        i hate this thread for making me so hungry! yet, back i come to it!

                                        1. re: alkapal

                                          Have you accepted cheeses as your personal savior?

                                          1. re: linguafood

                                            no. i have another -- the real deal! btw, you're up late, aren't you?!

                                      2. re: alkapal

                                        I don't know...it'd be according to your tastes. Gorgonzola doesn't really turn my crank, but that's just me.

                                        And yes, just plain sour cream on a baked potato is good, too. I've never been a big fan of putting all kinds of other things in a tater, chili, taco stuff, or whatever the kids are doing these days...I used to like a broccoli & cheese one from time to time, but for the most part I just want butter and sour cream, maybe some green onions or chives.

                                        1. re: revsharkie

                                          rev... that is so true. a perfectly baked potato doesn't need fancy young folks condiments like bacon or shredded cheese... sour cream and scallion, maybe a tad salt. then again. shredded taleggio -- what is it NOT good on? '-)

                                2. One of my absolute fav. desserts is strawberries dipped in sour cream with brown sugar. It is also good with banana slices, but I remember this from childhood as an instant way to satisfy a craving. The slight tanginess really balances the sweetness. It is also great with balsamic marinated fruit.

                                  Sour cream is also an essential topping for chili, one of my go-to easy dishes.

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                                    I love that combination with strawberries, too -- so simple, but so good.

                                  2. Believe it or not, I have frozen a xtra large container of sour cream that I just couldn't use all at once! When I defrosted it it was yucky looking...it separated & had a clumpy look to it...It smelled fine so I put it in a blender & it was liquidy but tasted fine,,,I then put it in the frig overnight & the next day it was solid..as if I just bought it & opened it...Try it

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                                        Really? I'm trying this/ I throw it away and that is just wrong.