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Feb 16, 2008 11:46 AM

Korean near Edison, NJ?

Can anyone recommend a good Korean restaurant near Edison, NJ?

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  1. There is a great place right off of route 1 on Post Road, Kuem Hu Jung (I think that's how it's spelled). There is a great Korean supermarket right next door that has everything you could want if you want to make it yourself at home.

    1. We liked Woojeon at 411 US Highway 1, but haven't been there in a year or so.

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        I've been to Woojeon three times. I came out with the same feeling each time...the food was excellent but the service was VERY BAD. I won't go back for that reason.

      2. Noodle house (I think that is what's called...) in the same shopping Center as ShopRite is, right off Rt. 1 So. I believe it is also on 2nd Old Post Road (still the same road but, I just don't know how to explain.) They don't have BBQ, but their food is really yummy and bit cheaper than other Korean restaurants.

        1. Recently had dinner at Kimchi Hana -- close to Rt 287, exit 4. Had Korean BBQ, sliced beef and short ribs. The food is well-prepared, fresh, tasty. I would not say it's a great place, but it's fine to satisfy the craving for Korean. I wish there were more Korean restaurants in the area.
          We tried Woo Jean and Keum Ho Jun a few years ago and I was unimpressed. Both are in Edison. Maybe we should try them again.

          Kimchi Hana
          6101 Middlesex Mall, South Plainfield, NJ 07080

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            Between KimChi Hana, Woo Jeon and Keum Ho, I'd say they're more or less equal, and boils down to personal preference and the choice of sides on any given day..

          2. I found this Korean restaurant in Edison recently. KJ Korean Diner. 475 Old Post Rd.
            Had the pork bi bim bob, and a pork and potato soup casserole (forgot the name of it) and an order of fried rice. Tey were prety good. I was very happy to find this place because I was getting bored of the other places around Edison.

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              I personally prefer Keum Ho Jung over Woo Jeon, but it's good to mix it up every now and then. There was a new Korean restaurant that opened on Old Post road that specialized in sort of lower fare Korean street food but it looks like they've shut down and have been replaced by a Korean "Potato stew specialist" restaurant. Haven't tried the new place but I did like the old one.

              There's also Edison Noodle house, and another Korean-Chinese place on Rt 1 and Plainfield Ave called China Star. This place used to be a chinese run Korean Chinese joint but changed ownership to Koreans. It's not as good as it used to be, unfortunately.

              1. re: joonjoon

                I wish I saw the previous restaurant that specialized in lower fare Korean street food. What type of food is that? China Star (A Korean restaurant) was better when it was Chinese run? That's funny!

                1. re: wench31

                  I went back and read what I wrote about China star and it's actually pretty hilarious. I find myself getting more and more disappointed with China Star every time I go. :(

                  Also went and tried the Potato Stew joint, but I wasn't too impressed.

                  With the downturn in the economy it seems like the restaurants might be feeling the pinch - the last time I went to Edison noodle house, they only had 3 sides as opposed to the usual 5 or 6. :(

              2. re: wench31

                Do you know when you went if the name of this restaurant was DUKSOO GOONG? Passed by it the other day and there were banners and streamers outside, was wondering if this was the same place you mentioned above. Thanks.

                1. re: shabbystorm

                  If 475 Old Post is where i think it is, it's the spot where Duk Soo Goong is. There've been like 3 different Korean joints that've gone out of business in the last three years at this spot...