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Feb 16, 2008 11:28 AM

Craving truffles and truffle oil

Ever since I took my daughter to Aquagrill for their truffle crusted cod and truffle oil, she has been driving me crazy to take her back. She loves dishes prepared with truffles or truffle oil. I have been to Aquagrill too many times recently and would love to try someplace new, preferably Italian. Anyone know of any good Italian restaurants serving anything with truffles or truffle oil? She had a fantastic black truffle ravioli dish last year at Johns of 12th Street but unfortunately it was the only memorable dish. All suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Da Andrea has pappardelle with a sweet sausage ragu and truffle oil. Delicious! Do realize, though, that truffle oil is not made from truffles, it is artificial, but I love it anyway.

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      I have been to Da Andrea many times but I seem incapable of ordering anything other than their wonderful gnocchi with gargonzola. What a great place. Thanks for the info on truffle oil, I am a little embarassed to admit that I did not know that.

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        at piccola venezia in astoria, ive been having the gnocchi in gorgonzola with drizzled truffle oil for years..fabulous

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        I was married to a european chef. We made truffle oil by soaking truffles in high-quality olive oil. I have never heard of of artificial truffle oil. (probably should've asked...) Interesting!

      3. Hi bobby,

        There are quite a lot of places serving truffle and truffle oil dishes, and prices can range from cheap to very expensive (the order I am listing below):

        Financier (locations at WFC and Stone street in financial district), has a soup du jour of mushroom truffle bisque (more like a thick soup than bisque) with quite a heavy doze of truffle oil (but not oily).

        If you daughter likes truffle oil, she will probably like the truffled toast at 'ino, which is pretty much an egg in the hole drizzled with truffle oil.

        'wichcraft has a grilled fontina sandwich with "black trumpet mushrooms & white truffle fondue on pullman white bread".

        Upstairs at Bouley serves a wonderful mushroom omelet with black truffle and wild mushrooms, a combination that I don't think any mushroom-lovers can say no.

        Now, for your Italian choices,
        There is a little Italian cafe called Caffe Emilia in EV, and they have a pizza with swiss cheese and truffle oil (though I can't say pizza is their strong point). They also serve an egg dish with truffle cheese.

        Via Emilia has a tortelloni dish with chicken and truffle oil, but I have not tried.

        I am sure there are plenty of places that serve pasta with truffles. The ones that I have tried and enjoyed was the black truffle ravioli (and sometimes they have it in other form of pasta) at A Voce, as well as truffle pasta at Del Posto. There are many truffle dishes, pasta or meat, at Del Posto, and of course they are not cheap at all. However, they do use high quality truffles and not skimp on the amount, so I will say it is worth the price.

        A decadent potatoe puree topped with slices and slices of black truffles comes when you order the quail with foie gras at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Delicious and addictive.

        Other dishes that are served as sides / appetizers that I can remember include truffled creamed spinach at Strip House, the parsnip soup with truffle oil at Fleur de Sel (not sure if they still have it on the menu), truffled fries at David Burke's cafe style restaurant at Bloomingdales (which they sometimes serve pizza with truffle oil as special).

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          Also, since your daughter enjoys truffle oil, you can purchase it (and truffle butter) at most of the gourmet stores like Dean and Deluca or Citarella. It is mainly used for drizzling over dishes like pasta or eggs or toasts, so both you and your daughter can enjoy it at home!

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            Thank you for all your suggestions. I checked on truffle oil and there is a nice selection at Citarella. Would you recommend white or black truffle oil for pastas,etc or is it purely a matter of taste?

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              I think it's a matter of taste - I've only used white truffle oil so far. Here's a link, by the way, to a great online source for Oregon truffles. Not quite the same as the French/Italian "real deal" but we've been enjoying them, and might be a nice way for your daughter to enjoy them at home as well, though I gather the season is pretty much over for this year:


              I've had the egg/fontina dish at 'Inoteca and it is wonderful - and a great price.

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                Hi bobby,

                I think it is a matter of taste. If it is the real truffle slicing in front of me, I prefer the white truffle. However, for truffle oil, I will say just experiment with both and see what you like.

                There are a lot of truffle oils that are of really bad quality, and the ones that I found to be more reliable are from urbani. Expensive truffle oils do not necessarily guarantee good tasting, but cheap ones are definitely of low quality in general.


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                  Did you notice that nowhere on the Urbani website does it actually claim that the oils contain or are made from truffles?

                  This link is for the entry in Wikipedia that describes truffle oil


                  I am not saying it does not taste good or is not useful, but I wonder if it is worth the expense for something that is apparently synthetic.

                  1. re: rrems

                    Hi rrems,

                    I know exactly what truffle oil is. It doesn't have anything to do with the real truffle, and even when they said "infused" it means that they are just adding truffle flavor to the oil. It has nothing to do with steeping the actual truffle in oil to obtain the flavor.

                    That said, I am simply providing suggestions to bobby based on the fact that his daughter had tasted and loved the flavor. I personally love the real truffle a billion times more than any by-products that it creates, but I don't see truffle oil as a substitiute of the real truffle but rather a flavored oil with a "mushroomy" taste which I found fine. Since you only use a little truffle oil each time, it is not really that expensive as it can be used many times.

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                      kobe, speaking of the Urbani web site, thank you for the link, I did not see any place where you could order the product or any list of suppliers that may carry the product. Do you know where I might be able to find the product? Thanks for all your info. Now I just wish I had a normal teenage girl that enjoyed hamburgers or hot dogs. I have one that hounds me for truffles and raw oysters.

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                        Hi bobby,

                        I have seen it at Dean and Deluca, and I think it is available on (it is available on amazon for sure.)

                        I think you should feel REALLY HAPPY that your daughter enjoys truffle and oysters! I think it is much better for people to appreciate different types of food at an early age! I am sure she will still enjoy a good old burger or hot dog (I do too!), but she is clearly ahead of the game!

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                          Hi bobby,

                          I saw this thread about what's the best way to use truffle oil and I think you may be interested. Someone also recommended Urbani in the thread.

            2. During the fall / winter, Bar Pitti has a great taglierini with black truffles at market price (around $24) which I find that I cannot pass up when it's on the menu. The pasta is homemade, dressed with a cream sauce, and covered in generous slices of black truffles. The aroma is intoxicating and the plate never goes back with a scrap left. Worth calling ahead to see if it's on the menu that night.

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                Someone mentioned D'andrea, that place has excellent italian food. As far as truffles go my recommendation is il Mulino for risotto with white truffle. Personally i think white truffles are superior to the black ones and a little more expensive.

              2. I know this restaurant gets mentioned all the time on here, but there's an orecchiette pasta dish with prosciutto and truffle oil at Crispo that is out of this world.

                1. the beef tartare at Employees Only incorporates truffle oil- i love it :)