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Feb 16, 2008 11:16 AM

Kay Gene's (sp?)

A friend of a friend grew up in New Orleans has reccomended a place called Kay Gene's. I've never heard of it and I've never seen anything on the board on such a place.
Does anyone know what this is?

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  1. I've never been to K-Jean's, but I think it was/is on the corner of Bienville and Carrollton...

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    1. re: kmnola

      It was on that corner, I'm pretty sure the rebuilt in the same spot. It's basically just a small place, no tables, good seafood, boiled crawfish, but you'll have to go someplace else to eat it. Same with the poboys, I recall them being good, but you had to get it to go. But, maybe they have some tables now.

      1. re: roro1831

        they are at the same place- it's open and it's 99% take out (except for the crawfish shells on the sidewalk- yuck) we've stopped twice on the way home from work and were too late- kitchen closes sometime between 6:30 & 7

        1. re: roro1831

          no tables yet, just carry out. it's close to city park though, so go have a picnic. pre-k I thought they had the best crawfish in town, haven't had any since they've re-opened. got a sack of raw oysters from them in the fall, best oysters I've ever had. call ahead if you're ordering po-boys, I don't know if they fry everything to order or what, but it takes them 10-15 minutes to make a poboy.