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Jan 4, 2002 09:25 PM

Groceries with good Microbrews.

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ANyone know where to pick up good beers in LA? I was in Portland over the holidays and had some good bottled microbrews. I know I can get them there, but is there anywhere in LA that has a large selection of fine bottled beer. Looking for new and unique flavors, not necessarily only domestics.

Nothing special. Just looking for a grocery that carries a large selection of microbrews. Don't go shopping that much. Wanna stock the fridge up.

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  1. j
    Joshua Gitelson

    Try the Wine House: 2311 Cotner Ave. in WLA, just north of Pico. They have an extensive beer selection, a good number of which are microbrews.

    1. Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa has the biggest selection of beers in SoCal that I'm aware of--many, many unusual imported brands. (People rave about their wine selection, too.) See link below for info.


      1. I suggest the Beverage Warehouse. It's on McConnell (sp ?) near Culver Blvd and the 90 frwy. They carry a large selection of micro from the US (lots of winter beers are currently in stock) as well as a fairly nice selection of imports. Throughout the LA area, Trader Joes has a decent selection with stock varying from store to store.

        1. As well as all of the previous great suggestions, if you want a quick stop Whole Foods Markets usually carry a very good selection of micros and Belgians.