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Feb 16, 2008 10:30 AM

71st & Amsterdam

I am new to Manhattan and live at 71st & Amsterdam. I need some recommendations for good take-out/delivery for my area. I like all kinds of food - Thai, Indian, American, Pizza, Mexican,e tc. Any ideas?

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  1. Best pizza: La Traviata @ 101 W 68th (212) 721-1101

    Good Chinese (delivery and take-out only): Wok City @ Amsterdam betw. 66th & 67th (212) 496-9714

    Good roast chicken and french fries (and many like their ribs); Dallas BBQ @ 27 W 72nd (212) 873-2004

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      1. In no particular order, these are places that you should check out:

        Cesca - 75th & Amsterdam
        Celeste - Amsterdam near 84th
        Kefi - 79th between Broadway & Amsterdam

        1. You should try to figure out when the pizza is just coming out of the oven at Grandaisy Bakery on 72nd, just east of Broadway. They also have wonderful sandwiches there, not to mention, of course, the bread and sweets.

          1. Welcome to the neighborhood.
            For 24/7 delivery of diner food, try Westside Restaurant at 68th & Broadway.
            For Asian cravings try Shun Lee at 65th bet. Broadway and Columbus. They have a busy delivery business.
            Rosa Mexicano at 64th & Broadway has great take-out.

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              welcome to the nabe, newinmanhattan.

              i'll try to stick to the immediate nabe as much as possible:

              ivy's cafe and chow fun are the two best chinese in the immediate area.

              for thai, try amber. not so great but there's not much better nearby. many prefer land, a bit further north. i prefer charm and thai market but they are located in the W90s and W100s, respectively. won't deliver down here but you can get takeout.

              best pizza (aside from grandaisy who doesn't deliver) is pizza town on W77 (or 78?) and brdwy. open late and has delivery. not an attractive place but the pizza is outstanding. go in and grab a slice. city pie on W72 near Grandaisy is good as well.

              best indian hands down is earthen oven on w72 and columbus. really outstanding on many levels. takeout/delivery available.

              i gotta trek up to W102 and amsterdam for mex at noche mexicana. can't find anything comparable down here not even rosa mex. some like santa fe on w71.
              noche mex has takeout but won't deliver down here.

              manhattan diner on w74 and brdwy is very good and open late. much better than westside restaurant (imo) and delivers very late.

              patsy's on W74 off columbus is great pizza by the pie. delivers only in the afternoon but you can do takeout.

              try cafe ronda for tappas, columbus near W71. i don't think they deliver but they have takeout.

              try blondies for wings, et. al. on w79 bet amster and col.

              grandaisy is not to be missed for their bread, pizza and sweets. i am still in awe that we have an outpost in the nabe. no delivery.

              some like chirpin' chicken on amsterdam near W76 for fast food chicken, fries, etc. delivery is great here like the speed of lightening.

              try good enough to eat for casual brunch. i don't think they deliver but you can takeout.

              for chocolate, jacque torres on amster and 73.

              try (limit search to W70s and then choose cuisine) and for reviews, menus, delivery listings, etc.

              tenzan gets good sushi reviews. not sure if they deliver.

              ouest, telepan and dovetail for a bit upscale. nice martin is also ok. these are more dining-in restaurants.

              flor de mayo (a bit further north) is also great latin food. i think they may deliver down here from the W80s.

              pinch and s'mac just opened on W84 and columbus. haven't tried pinch (pizza) but s'mac is just okay. worth a try and i think they deliver.

              artie's on brdwy and W82 is good jewish deli or the best you will get nearby.

              the best regular deli is on columbus bet 72 and 71. i don't know the name but it is next door from starbucks. just a regular deli open until 2am and they are actually really nice. this particular block is a good one as you can drop into columbus gourmet (open until midnight) for an array of different things but not the pizza!!! their chocolate chip cookies are reallly good. then you'll see the panini place on the same block which is good and the falafel place right there always gets outstanding reviews. cross columbus and stop into arte around the corner for sweets and coffee. open really late.

              lastly, trek over 2 miles south to le parker meridien hotel and find burger joint behind the velvet curtain. fantastic burgers and good fries. it is definitely a joint. you can takeout but they don't deliver.

              best bagels is bagel talk on amsterdam near W77. place is not attractive but the bagels are great and you can get a cheap sandwich.

              other bagel place is 72nd st bagel bet columbus and amsterdam. not bad and they serve kosher food.

              have fun!! please report back to let us know what you think.

              1. re: nativeNYer

                I'd add Fred's and Bella Squardo on Amsterdam, The Fairway Cafe, and Pomado on Columbus. My diner of choice is the Viand on Broadway and 75th.

                1. re: nativeNYer

                  Speaking of bagels, do not miss the ultimate bagel place, H & H Bagels at 78- or 80th & Broadway.

                  1. re: nativeNYer

                    Definitely Tenzan for sushi... I loooove it! They never overstuff rolls with rice, which is a big plus. And try their seabass roll... awesome!

                  2. re: idia

                    Thank you idia! I have been traveling so I am just getting back to the nabe and your tips are great!! I have some friends coming in next weekend and we will definately try some of your suggestions. I can't wait to try noche mexicana. I have walked by grandaisy many times, have not stopped in but it sounds like I really need to give it a shot.

                    I will keep you posted.