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Feb 16, 2008 10:23 AM

Favorite Italian on Avenue U?

Manhattan resident looking to eat authentic Italian on Avenue U. Restaurant, deli, catering hall, anything worth the trip to Avenue U.

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  1. Go down a little bit to Avenue X--off Ocean Avenue there is a restaurant named Anthony's. It's an amazing little place. Avenue U is like another smaller version of Sunset Park's Chinatown.

    1. avenue u's westside is a tightknit italian nabe, i should kno i live there:) for great red sauce neopolitan cooking try fiorentino's, for sicilian soul food you have joe's of avenue u foccaceria palermitana, you'll feel like your in palermo with probably the best panelle in the boro. for good pork store/ deli try the original bari pork store and meats supreme, a little known gem is michelino's on west 6th and ave t, great hero's. buon appetito

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        Exactly the post i was looking for. Many thanks. And if you have ANY other Italian recs, ANYWHERE, let me know. Can't get enough old school Italian, especially delis, take out, cannoli, etc.

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          Mmm panelle. I've never tried their's actually. Usually got mine from Gino's in my nabe. I should try making those this week...