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Feb 16, 2008 10:17 AM

In to offer and one to ask for

When we visited Chico, Ca a couple of weekends ago we found a really good Indian restaurant, one that can give you a mildly spiced dish while still succeeding at getting across those subtle Indian flavors. It is a simple place, but attractive enough. Priya, on the Esplanade a couple of miles north of the center.

Does anyone have a good idea for us; we are going back to Chico this weekend. Ideally, it will be reasonable, any style, and really good food.



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  1. here's an older post describing the Red Lantern. We haven't been yet, but locals in the business have told us it's a solid choice.

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    1. The Red Lantern? Perhaps the Red Tavern... on the Esplanade... down near the hospital area...Good food!
      Thanks for the heads-up on Priya! I've been wondering...
      Kramore Inn also gets good notes for Sunday; avoid Nash's for Sunday brunch...too much going on there, but give them a go for dinner, when it's less insane.
      Cocodine Thai off the Skyway in the Raleys shopping center was good...
      I've been told of several new places...but haven't been yet.
      - New "sushi" restaurant in town, on The Esplanade, but where?
      - New dinner house above Jamba Juice downtown

      I'd love to hear if anyone has been to either of these...

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        I thought Kramore Inn closed down about a year ago. Downtown, for dinner, the Raw Bar is fun and good (mod sushi and eclectic Asian). The Red Tavern is really excellent, but may be more than you are looking to spend. Other places I either haven't been for years and/or would be recommending out of hometown nostalgia rather than objective opinion.

      2. Not sure if you already made your visit back, but here are a few of my favorites.

        Cafe Coda on Humboldt.
        Sin of Cortez on Esplanade

        Sierra Nevada Brewery on 20th Street
        Chada Thai, Downtown on 2nd Street

        5th Street Steakhouse
        Raw Bar Sushi on Broadway

        Pub Food:
        Banshee on 2nd

        I have many more and can go into greater detail if you are curious.

        1. We ate at the Red Tavern last week and were disappointed. It started off bad when the waiter poured my wife's wine and the bouquet was Cascade (the green box, not the mountains). and he didn't seem too concerned, just got another glass.

          Overall we thought that the food was too pricey for its quality. The cassoulet served with my rather tough lamb sirloin was very good, whereas the polenta under my wife's pork tenderloin was gritty.

          The Caesar did not appear acquainted with either garlic or anchovey.

          The night before, we found the Thai place on 2nd to be excellent (Chanda Thai?)