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Feb 16, 2008 09:50 AM

Good, fast food near Javits Center

I'm heading to ToyFair on Monday at the Javits Center. Anyone have any recommendations on fast GOOD food right around that area for a quick late lunch before I catch the train around 5pm...

The address is:
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center — 655 West 34th Street — New York, NY 10001

Thanks in advance.

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  1. OK, saw some previous postings which basically said there's not much. How about near Penn Station in that case... That may be a good plan B.


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    1. re: markadamowicz

      Plan B, definitely. Little Korea is near Penn Station. Kang Suh is on the corner of B'way & 32nd. Menu on

      There's also the Irish bar, Tir Na Nog, on 8th, at 33rd.

      And right inside Penn Sta., there's Tracks Raw Bar & Grill. Hounds who've tried it say it's pretty good.

      1. re: RGR

        2nd the Tracks rec. It's quite good.

    2. Mark,

      The guy in the food cart at 35th street, just across the street from Javits, has the best fast food around. Try the chicken gyro. That's what I had for lunch today, and for many years of doing shows. I'll probably get a sandwich tomorrow. :)

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      1. re: dhammer53

        Thanks RGR - I'll take street food over the corporate chain blandness any day. Thanks very much.

        1. re: markadamowicz

          I had that gyro. Awesome. Thanks for the tip