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Feb 16, 2008 09:30 AM

Bloom Grocery Store

I see where a Bloom grocery is coming into N. Raleigh. Since they are only located in the Southeast I was hoping to find some feedback on them here.

They are a subsidiary of Food Lion, which automatically makes me wary. They tout themselves as being high-tech. I believe that means they have the shopping cart scanners and self-checkout. They also put there milk near the entrance, rather than at the back of the store. I checked out their weekly specials online and their prices seem comparable to or slightly higher than Harris Teeter on national brands.

Is there any reason to choose Bloom over Harris Teeter? I don't care for the idea of paying extra to do the labor myself (Look, ma! I'm checking out my own groceries!) and have that positioned as a "technological advance," but if there's something I'm missing I'd be happy to hear about it.

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  1. Where in N. Raleigh will it be located?

    1. My question as well - where will it be in N Ral?

      I have friends in other cities who have shopped at Bloom and like it a lot for the convenience factor - if I'm not mistaken, this is the chain where you can pick up a scanner at the door, scan your stuff as you go, then expedite payment at the checkout.

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        There's a "Coming Soon" sign at the corner of Strickland and Ray Rd. The corner lot was supposed to have been a Kerr drug or something similar a few years ago but construction was never started. I counted once and estimated that there were at least 6 grocery stores within a 5 minutes drive of that corner. What does that say about the shopping habits of people who live in that area?

      2. I've been to the Blooom in Greenville SC and it's just a much nicer Food Lion. I'd say stick with Harris Teeter.

        1. When I lived in Asheville there were a lot a tv ads for Blooms - I guess there are some in GSP or Charlotte perhaps. I haven't been to one but have been curious. Here is a thread from several months ago.

          1. I shop pretty regularly at the Bloom just around the corner form my house in Greenville, SC. The meat is what brings me in. They offer only Angus beef and have a very good selection and prices are very fair for it. I also check their sales for chicken and have gotten whole chicken there in the past for 49 cents per pound which is as good as you will get anywhere. They also have a great seafood area and I have gotten canned crab for gumbo there for $5 on sale. They are pretty much like any other store in the area as far as grocery items go....they do have good sales so I catch their ads for good prices. Like I said, you can't beat their beef section...I either buy mine from them or Fresh Market and I get better prices at Bloom for the most part. I catch their "buy it today" beef and get great prices and put it right in the know what I mean? The expiration date is the next day so the price is off by a few dollars and you save quite a bit!! I buy ahead and freeze it and use that for stews and soups and such and buy it fresh top grill, etc.
            All in all they are pretty much like any other store but they do have a few extras which I like...they offer hand held scanners so as you put an items in your cart, you scan it and when you get to the check out you download your scanner and pay and you are done! They also have rebate checks you get depending on how much you spend use it to buy more there, not for cash. I also get coupons from them for $10 off $50 or more in the mail....they send you a months worth at a time. They have a section in the front of the store for milk and bread so you go in, get milk, check out and go! They seem to have less traffic for the most part as well.
            I shop there probably 2 - 3 times a month and the rest of the time I go to Bi-Lo or Publix but I buy all my beef either at Bloom or Fresh Market.
            Hope that helps!!

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              Actually they've very recently stopped doing the rebate checks. Now the "Breeze" cards work like a Food Lion MVP card to get you discounts on different items every week. I like them for the same reasons as you, plus I can get things there that I can't get at Food Lion.

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                We got a steak for $4 on the one trip we've made to Bloom in Greer (I rotate between Whole Foods and Bi-Lo normally) and it was seriously not bad. I just stuffed a bunch of $10 coupons in my purse that came in the mail, so I think I'll be making another trip soon.