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Feb 16, 2008 09:29 AM

La Cazuela in Baltimore

Has anyone been to La Cazuela lately? I'm thinking of heading there this evening for dinner. I've been there once before. What are the most recomended dishes?

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  1. Oops, I mentioned Kitchen of India and we ended up going there instead. Maybe I'll go to La Cazuela for lunch sometime soon with my neighbor - I don't believe he's ever been to an Ecuadorian restaurant. BTW the chicken tica masala was great - as usual at Kitchen of India.

    1. I've not been in a while, but I really like La Cazuela and do others. Consistently really good food - neither I nor anyone I've ever dined with has had a bad meal there.

      There's some past posts on the restaurant if you search.

      1. We went a few weeks ago and really liked it -- especially a dish that was somewhere between paella and Chinese fried rice (I forget the name) and the shrimp with peppers and onions. The fruity soft drinks were great too. We were the only people there.

        1. The Hornado...excellent roast pork with a potato cheese cake. I love it all except for the dry hominy. The Guatita, tripe stew, is also quite good.