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Feb 16, 2008 09:27 AM

Hot Dog Joints

Hello everyone.
I'm looking for the best hot dog joints within 1 hour driving distance from SF. Any recommendations?

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  1. try hot dogs in search and stand back.

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        Sorry just hot dogs is worse than Fibber Mcgees closet.Hot dogs bay area cuts it down to about a thousand entries, a much more manageable list.

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          If you use the "search this board," that automatically limits it to the Bay Area. After the initial search you can re-search by relevance to get the best topics. I did that and reset for last three years and got these results:

    1. Moishe's Pipic (Hayes @ Gough in SF) serves Vienna beef hot dogs, haven't tried them there but Vienna beef is good stuff.

      Please report back on what you find.

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      1. Top Dog in Berkeley or Oakland (several locations).

        1. You should check out Rosamunde Sausage Grill. Many fine sausage types. For the most Hot Dog like, I get a Knockwurst (well done) with chili and raw onions.

          The Let's Be Frank Hot Dog carts (at the Warming Hut at Crissy field among other places) are also good.

          Rosamunde Sausage Grill
          545 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

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          1. re: Calvinist

            I second the rec for Let's Be Frank. The one encounter I had with him was great, he is very passionate about his hot dogs and the product was great too, although not very cheap at $5 a dog.

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              A 3rd on Let's Be Frank. I had an Italian in LA at the furniture mart (old Helms Bakery factory). It was very tasty. Sorta pricey but the quality is there.

          2. Depending on the route you take and your driving style, this may be just a little farther than you want to drive, but if you're a hot dog fan, try to make the pilgrimage to little Monte Rio, in Sonoma County next to the Russian River (Monte Rio, Vacation Wonderland) and try Don's Dogs, in the back of the Rio Theater. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, everything delicious. And in nice weather, you can sit on the patio with your real live dog(s). They do serve all the same stuff inside the theater during movies, great bargain for really good movie food.

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            1. re: Kathleen M

              Thanks for the tip. They even have a web page

              Don's Dog Cafe
              20396 Bohemian Hwy, Monte Rio, CA 95462