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Feb 16, 2008 09:12 AM

Sunday brunch in Beaches area

hi all,
any recommendations?

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  1. good luck with that one - I haven't found anything to rave about - except we do like the Tulip - but it's more like breakfast. Also had the brunch at Il Fornello - not a bad middle of the road option. food was pretty fresh. Had brunch at Michelle's - I would pass. When we went the smell in the dining room was that institutional soap smell and the coffee was cold. The meal was okay - I wasn't a fan but SO was.

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    1. re: Apple

      Go west a few blocks to Leslieville.
      OK OK, Fare Bistro, Hello Toast, and Bonjour Brioche are all very good weekend brunch spots. With Bonjour Brioche, you have to get there early... it's always got a lineup. Their quiche is to excellent. I've also heard that Edward Levesque's Kitchen does a great brunch.

      1. re: digiteyes

        I'm not a fan of Edward Levesque's. Service is atrocious and they don't know how to season their food. Woefully under-seasoned and under-flavoured! I had their Eggs Benny with chorizo and they served up a half sausage split lengthwise! Mounds of homefries with zero seasoning. A bunch of items mixed in with the homefries, but no flavour. Liberal salting (and peppering) was required to make them even slightly edible, and even then I left most of them on the plate.

    2. Edward Levesque's is really good. Bonjour Brioche is a no brainer - amazing always.