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Jan 4, 2002 05:20 PM

Sushi Sasabune

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I have read about this place for so long, I decided to try it today for lunch. At first I didn't see it...the awning has no name on it. I just parked at Sawtelle and Nebraska at noon and looked where all of the people were going. As soon as I walked in, they met me at the door and told me that this is not a normal sushi bar. They don't serve California Roll or Salads, just sushi. They also have a 4 order minimum. When I went to sit at the sushi bar you must order Omakase. I agreed to all of the rules and a very nice sushi master, young, spoke perfect English, helped me. I must note that the place has no decor as I was warned in posts to this board. They were also filled with customers. I tried virtually every type of fish that they had available plus Uni, Fish Eggs and an order of Monkfish Liver done 2 ways. Everything was the best example of that item that I have ever experienced. Even the Wasabi, while not fresh, was the best dried version I had ever tried. I was prepared for it to be expensive. I didn't know that Omakase is not a fixed price meal. The bill was $67.00, with tip $80.00. I will go there again but I can't afford to make this a regular habit. Thanks to all of you that posted your preference for this place.

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  1. Congrats Larry!!! Sasabune is one of my favorites. Hope you tried their crab hand roll. Its by far the best I have ever had!

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    1. re: Naz

      sasabune is definitely a dump, and pretty overpriced, but it does have some very good quality fish.

      does anyone know if they serve sashimi besides the sushi and handrolls/

      1. re: kevin

        Sashimi was the first course. Albacore. I did not try the crab hand roll. It was not offered but I saw a number of them being made. They did make me a Toro Hand Roll. I wouldn't say it is overpriced. For the quality it is priced properly. It was worth it to now have the standard to which all other places can try to compare. I have a good memory for food. I will not have to repeat this experience too often but I am glad that I did it. I do not feel cheated or overcharged.

        1. re: Just Larry

          I love Sasabune but must say that their omakase has never varied-- always starts with an albacore sashimi salad etc. Great stuff but I wonder that with all their insistence that they only do omakase at the bar and so on they are actually quite staid--no challenges. I guess one must also assume the albacore is always the freshest find at the market too?

          1. re: Deborah

            i actually meant sashimi, besides the albacore or baby tuna sashimi, which you are always given as the first course. and yes the crab handrolls are excellent, although I don't remember than being better than the beasts at Nozawa.

            1. re: Deborah

              Yes, I agree. Sasabune is one of my favorites, but I wish that the omakase was a true "chef chooses the best of the market that day". Instead, it is exactly the same. Might have to do with a business thing -- there's less waste (and work) if you know exactly what everyone is going to have. Maybe then you can spend a little more for better quality on the fish that you do buy.

        2. re: Naz

          Is there mayo in the crab roll? I've had it a couple of times, and can't tell. One waitress said yes, one said no, neitehr seemed to understand the question. :)