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Big Oak Drive In in Salter Path, NC

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Anyone know if it is open during the off season. We are going down next week, and I would love to have a shrimpburger. I know a lot of restaurants close for the winter.

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  1. Why don't you just call: (252) 247-2588

    1. Closed for the season (and my mouth was watering, too!) along with almost all of the fresh-seafood markets - it looks like most places will be opening back up early or mid-March.

      1. Red Barn Grill in Swansboro, NC is still open (and perhaps even the attached seafood market). It's something of a local legend down there - open 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. every day. Apparently they serve great seafood platters and fresh and local whenever possible (straight from their market, which is straight from their boat). See blog: http://viewfromthemountain.typepad.co...

        If you're going to be down that way anyway, you might want to check it out.

        1. You may want to try the Croatan Cafe in Newport, especially if you like oysters.
          Worth a visit, or twelve....

          1. Thanks for the replies! I called and they are open on weekends from 11-3. So, hopefully I can get my fix.

            Mikeh, I will try and hit the Red Barn Grill. As many years as i have been going to the island, I have never tried it.

            1. Best shrimp burger in town is at El's drive in in Morehead City. This place is a legend. Been around since 1959.


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                I love El's - it is a must do every time I'm in Atlantic Beach. Waitress are very friendly and they have a fantastic shrimp burger. Their fried oyster burger is great too - and if you can't decide between the two - they'll let you do a combo oyster/shrimp burger. Yummmm.

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                  This may be the debate of all debates, but having never tried El's, which is better for shrimp and oysterburgers - Big Oak or El's?

                  1. re: mikeh

                    Have only been to Big Oak 3 or 4 times - they're great and I would never turn one of their shrimp burgers down. However, I've been going to El's for over 30 years (yeah, a long time - since I was a teenager). So - my love for them is a sentimental thing with me too. I'll take El's over Big Oak.

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                        Last time I ate at Big Oak it was a letdown. I'd vote El's.

                        My mother in law lives like a half mile from Red Barn and I have only ever had a breakfast biscuit there. She cooks every meal so we never go out to eat when we visit. I might have to go out for lunch nect time I'm down there.

                        If you wan't a swank dinner head to Aqua over in Buefort, it's really good,