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Feb 16, 2008 08:29 AM

wife is from chengdu china ...need good hotpot

My wife is in the need of a real hotpot that is not westernized. She is looking for the real thing that you would find in sichuan province. She is homesick for some good food. (chinese style)....We live a few hours from Toronto but have been in Toronto many times . She likes things spicy Thank You.

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  1. I am not a big fan of hotpot person, but got to know this hotpot place from a friend of mine, they thought that is the best sichuan style hot pot, name of the place called Piaoxiang sichuan hotpot place. Tel: 416-332-1568 4186 Finch Ave East #22.
    As well, you can buy all kinds of hotpot base and sliced beef /lamb, mushroom and vegs from Chinese supermarket, all those hotpot bases are made in Sichuan China, your wife can cook on her own, since you live a few hours from Toronto.
    Hope she will find some nice ingredients from Chinese supermarket in Toronto. :)
    P.S. Pass this website to your wife,, which is hosted by a lady who came to North America from sichuan, and how did she cook the real sichuan dishes in America, hope will help with you wife's homesick.

    1. Sorry I cannot give you a recommendation in Toronto.

      Funny story was that I use to go out with a friend who was chinese in Toronto for dinner whenever I was able to come back and visit... and I was mentioning one time that I had a craving for a hot pot dinner and whenever we went out to a chinese restaurant they did not have it. She said that this place (I forgot where) had hotpot and several others that we had been to had hotpots as well.... but they were only posted in Chinese writing on the wall (not in the menu). I was actually introduced to hotpots in San Diego by someone I worked with (from sichuan province). I don't think I know of anyone in Toronto from that province.

      1. Do a search on this board for reviews on Hot Spicy Spicy (Finch St & Leslie St - in the plaza where they found that abandoned little girl) and see if that'll meet your needs.

        1. I can't tell you whether it's authentic or not, but I've been for hotpot at "Hot Pot King". It's at 146 Old Kennedy Road (just a bit northeast of Kennedy & Steeles), and is above Club 300 Bowl. There is a link to Hot Pot King on the Club 300 Bowl web site -

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            That restaurant is authentic hot pot but I don't think it is the kind lostinblue is looking for. At Club 300 you get what Hong Kong people consider hot pot. Lots of different kinds of meats or seafood, a choice of broths, varied condiment choices. But not the mouth numbingly spicy hot pot from that region of China.

            1. re: sweetie

              Hi sweetie, Hot Pot ing on Club 300 are kind of HK style hot pot but poorly done. There are not too many AYCE hot pot in HK. The good one in HK are all not AYCE.

          2. I recently had hot pot after a long search for it at a place in Kensington Market and I'd recommend it. It's on Baldwin, just west of Spadina, as far as I can tell, it doesn't have an English name. The sign on the window just says "Hot Pot" in English and Chinese.
            It's about $13 per person for all you can eat. I've lived in both Taiwan and China and as far as I'm concerned, this place is up to the standard of what you'd find in either place.
            As a bonus, on a cold night, it's packed, the windows are steamed up from the soup and the beer's cold and cheap. I will definitely return before the winter's over.