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Jan 4, 2002 04:34 PM

Uncle Darrow's--Cajun/Creole--Marina Del Rey

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This place is a find. It was suggested to someone on this board who was looking for "fast" food near LAX. Fast it isn't--but I'd stop here and take a later flight! Jumbalaya with terrific turkey/chicken sausage that was spicy but not overpowering, wonderful Red Beans and Rice, an Oyster and Shrimp Po' Boy with incredible corn meal breading, plus killer Potato Salad. VERY reasonable. Quite a crush at noon on a Friday, and the server apologized to all in sight for how slowly the food was coming out, but worth the wait. 2560 South Lincoln Blvd., Marina Del Rey.

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  1. Much as I liked this restaurant, what I really wanted was a great muffaleta. Any suggestions? Especially Westside?

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    1. re: Coyote500

      The Gumbo Pot (Bowl?) in Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax in West Hollywood, serves it. Not a big fan of olives, I've never tried it, but the food that I HAVE tried there is quite tasty and authentic.

      1. re: Coyote500
        Rich Gould-Saltman

        I haven't found one in a restaurant in LA that does the trick (and I've eaten'em at Central Grocery in NOLA). You may have to assemble one yourself to get a good one. Trader Joe now sells the requisite
        chopped olive salad, and rolls that are about the right consistency; several Italian delis can do the meats right (check the board...) and even Ralphs' now stocks Zatarain's Creole mustard.

        If you go to the right deli, you can even put together a passible one with turkey cold-cuts for your friends who don't do mammal-meat...


        1. re: Rich Gould-Saltman

          LOVE muffaletas from Central Grocery in NOLA. Saved myself from air plane "food" many times by tucking them in my carry on. Do it yourself at Trader Joe's--an excellent suggestion. Will also check our Gumbo Pot. THANKS!

        2. re: Coyote500
          More of Everything...

          Dough Boys in W Hollywood does an interesting muffaletta they call an L.A. version. It comes on a soudough baguette. You might try their's.

          1. re: More of Everything...
            Richard Gould-Saltman

            Re: mufaleta on a baguette

            I'm sorry, but as heretical to the New Orleans big-buncha-pork muffalata tradition as my turkey version is, I would never stray far enough from the flock to call any sammich made on a long, skinny roll a "muffaleta". A "hero", "sub", "grinder" or "hoagie", maybe, but a "muffaleta" gotta be more or less round. Next thing you know, they're gonna be talkin' tofu....