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Feb 16, 2008 08:24 AM

Hog's Head cheese

I bought some really good hog's head cheese yesterday. Not ever having had it before, and not really sure what to do with it, I stuck it in the freezer- is that ok to do, or did I ruin it?

FWIW, you New Orleans people may recognize the name of the guy that makes this stuff- Treitler's... They used to be in St. Bernard but have relocated to Picauyne since the storm...

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  1. The gelatin will probably preserve the texture.

    Use it like cold cuts: with potato salad, pickles, kraut, brown mustard, rice and beans, soup, etc.

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    1. re: jayt90

      Yes, I asked the guy for suggestions other than just sitting around and eating it on saltines ( which does sound pretty appealing actually), and he suggested adding some as a final ingredient to the beans the next time I made red beans and rice. The flavor of the stuff (I chose the hot) really seemed like it would go well with them!

      He also suggested mixing it in with some scrambled eggs- that sounded really good too...

      1. re: Clarkafella

        When cooked the gelatin that binds it will melt, freeing all the meaty chucks to mix. The chewier bits, mostly skin, will also soften when heated, so it should work well with scrambled eggs, and almost anything else that benefits from ham, bacon or other pork scraps.


    2. Defrosting the hog's head cheese in the refrigerator will help. I like to serve hog's head cheese (pork terrine) cold from the fridge but it tastes better if you let it come to room temperature. Take it out of the fridge about half an hour before you need it, slice what you need and drizzle extra virgin olive oil on each slice with a sprinkle of sea salt.

      1. I can't remember what brand Daddy bought at Dorignac's on Veterans Highway but he loved that stuff. He cut hunks of it up and mixed it into hot grits. Looked awful, tasted wonderful.
        The gelatin might get grainy from freezing but it will still taste fine. It never lasted long enough around out house to make it into the freezer. Great on crackers or French bread.

        1. Freezing is not a problem. We made John Folse's recipe using Knox gelatin, froze it for a week or two before our Mardi Gras party, gently thawed and served it up just fine.

          1. Hog's Head cheese is a wonderful Louisiana delicase and really good authentic cheese is hard to come by. My grandparents lived in Madisonville, LA and used to travel "across the river" to buy this cheese from a famous maker by the name of Pomas'. This was many years ago and the business closed at its former location. I have spent years trying to track down where I could get Pomas' head cheese from and finally someone told me about Trietler's in Picayune, MS. Locals say they use the original Pomas' family recipe which has been passed down for generations. There is no feeling in the world like finally finding one of your favorite childhood foods and it tasting exactly the way you remember it.