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Feb 16, 2008 08:14 AM

Taiwanese Intestine Rice Noodle Soup

Anyone know of a place to get "Da Chang Mei Fun", which translates to Big Intestine Rice Noodles? Just to be clear it's a noodle soup, served in a light broth. Literally nothing more than broth, chunks of intestine, fat rice noodles, fried shallots and some chopped chinese celeray and parsley.

There used to be a stall in the far corner at the Flushing Mall that served it, but it was replaced last summer by a place that serves oden. I haven't been able to find it anywhere else in the city, but if anyone knows, please let me know!

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  1. Even in Flushing it was never as tender and rich as you can get in Taiwan...but yes you might find something close to this dish in the Fujian snack restaurants either in the East Broadway area of Manhattan's Chinatown, or in Flushing's own Fujian restaurants. The "Fat" rice noodles are also used in Guilin rice noodle, so that would be another place to look.

    *edit: meant to post about Red Chopsticks in Flushing. Their deep fried stinky tofu was actually pretty good last month when i got some to go. Their Taiwanese Hamburger was a bit too lean, but..they might have what you're looking for.

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      Thanks! Red Chopsticks sounds interesting.

      What are the fujian snack restaurants you mentioned? Never heard of those... Where exactly are they? Oddly enough, the only place i can get the noodle soup now is at a Chinese buffet in Trenton that has a section of made to order Taiwanese food. For $10 at lunch, it's a steal!