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Feb 16, 2008 07:43 AM

Alone & all over NYC for a week

I've been to NYC many times and I'm comfortable getting around. But, I've never been there for so long by myself. I'll arrive on Monday and depart on Sunday. I'll be there for work, but the BF is joining me on Thursday night. I'd like to keep the meals to about $50 each (person, not meal) including a glass of wine, BYOB is great and I'm open to all types of cuisine. I don't have an outrageous expense account.

Here are places that I've been in the past year and really like to give you an idea of my preferences:

Stanton Social
Tia Pol
Izakaya Ten
La Bonne Soup
Chelsea Havana or what ever it's called now, on 8th Ave. I was there 2 weeks ago.

I'm staying in Chelsea at 24th Street and 6th Ave. I'm fine taking a cab or subway as needed. I'm pretty familiar with the WV, not so much the East, but I love that area and I'm certainly open to that. I'm not familar at all with UWS, LES, etc, but would like to explore that as well.

Monday night I'll need dinner, probably close-ish to the hotel. Tuesday I have a meeting at 1 in Woodbury, CT...know of anything for lunch ahead of time? Back to the city for dinner on Tuesday.

Wednesday I have a 2 o'clock meeting in Brooklyn Heights on Remsen Street between Court and Clinton...any suggestions there? Wednesday night we have reservations for Crispo before going to see the new David Mamet, November the Play. Can't wait!

Thursday I'm in Hell's Kitchen (?) at 8th Ave and 39th Street pretty much all day, but I'm hoping to get away to grab lunch. Any quickie lunch ideas?

Thursday evening the BF is arriving. He loves two things so very much. Pizza and a great hamburger. Now, don't hold it against him, but he's from Chicago and loves Chicago style pizza. I was thinking of Otto for dinner on Thursday night. I have early meetings on Friday a.m. and don't want to be out late. Any other suggestions? We ate at John's on Bleeker Street on our last trip and "ewww" is the best I can say. My absolute fave is Denino's on Staten Island.

Friday night I'm thinking of Tartine in the WV for dinner. He's bringing up two bottles of very nice wine that we got in Napa and need to drink, so we'd like BYOB. I've been to Tartine for brunch and really liked it. The other option I was thinking of was AOC Bedford? Your thoughts? Other suggestions for BYOB?

Saturday we have matinee tickets for Spring Awakening. We'll need a quick lunch. Nothing fancy, but I'd love to do a great burger. I walked by BRGR in Chelsea a couple of weeks ago and think that might hit the spot. Or, in midtown, should we just head to DBModerne for the burger? He likes a standard great burger, medium rare with cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Nothing too fancy...what's the best?

And Saturday for dinner we're wide open. We're going to a bar in the LES at 10 p.m. Really no ideas for dinner. I'm thinking that if I love Crispo, and I think that I will, that we can go back there? But, I hate to not take advantage of another dining opportunity. I'm thinking something localish, cozy where if we want to hang in the bar a bit we can chat up the bartender or other folks at the bar. Nothing too fancy, just great food, great atmosphere and fun.

You can't say I didn't give you enough details to work with. What do you think?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. A few things -- first i saw your second post and felt so bad you got no responses to this!
      If your BF loves a classic standard burger, I dont think db is the place - the burger is totally huge and overwhelming, there is no way you can pick it up and bite into it, and I don't really think its worth 30+ dollars -- Shake Shack is open year round now or you might like the Burger Joint.
      For dining alone near your hotel, I like the Red Cat - weekends can be crowded but for a Monday or Tuesday, sitting at the bar should be totally cozy and comfortable.
      I love Crispo, but I would not suggest going there two nights in one trip! Closer to your destination, I'd recommend Apizz (if you are still thinking Italian)...
      And as for BYO - I am a huge fan of Tartine. It gets very crowded for dinner though, so either go very early, or be prepared for a long wait. I think AOC charges a corkage fee for weekend nights, FYI.
      Quick Lunch in Hells Kitchen? Try Edison Cafe.

      Hope you have a great trip!

      1. Regarding Thursday night: My husband and I dined at Otto this past week for the first time. We had the pepperoni pizza, which is thin crust and my husband thought it tasted like Cheetos. We also had the carbonara, which after sitting for a few moments kind of became glue like - like the velveeta boxed version of mac and cheese. However we really enjoyed the olive oil and ricotta cheese gelato. If interested in burgers that night I would recommend Molly's between 23rd and 22nd/3rd. It's a laid back Irish pub.

        If you liked TiaPol you might want to try Kuma Inn in LES Sat night. It's a Filipino tapas place and BYOB.

        I'm not sure if you are assuming AOC Bedford is BYOB, but from what I recently searched it seems like it's only BYO Mon and Tues - not sure though.

        1. Shake Shack for a burger is right near your hotel as is Molly's which are both great options. I also recommend Syemour Burton for a burger in the East Village.

          For a nice lunch in Brooklyn Heights tomorrow I suggest Caffe Bon Gusto on Montague street. Or if you just want a slice of pizza or salad there is also Monty Q's pizza on montague as well- both are one block away.

          Why not try out Arturo's for pizza on Houston when the BF arrives? Not chicago style but it has a cool old NY atmosphere?

          1. For Saturday night, Punch may work out well for you. Since you are heading downtown on the east side afterward, it's on your way (Broadway near 20th). It fits your budget, the food is delicious, menu varied and interesting, nice sophisticated but casual ambience.