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Jan 4, 2002 12:18 PM

chicken long rice

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the good, the bad, and the ugly please! preferably in the south bay area.

i tried many of the so-called hawaiian or "aloha" places around hermosa and redondo, but none had it. in fact, few had even heard of it. i think i once saw it in torrance, but i'd love to find one walkable closer to manhattan beach if possible.

if not hawaiian, is there a real samoan place around anywhere? i am told that their version of chop sui ("sapasui") is often made with long rice. alternately, is there any sort of light-sauced korean chapchae which works out close?

god, i need a fix!

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  1. We really enjoy the combo plates at The Loft, and I believe they have chicken long rice. Never had it but this is a great restaurant in general. Also 2 other locations but this is the one we frequent.

    The Loft at Lahaina
    17311 Yukon Avenue,
    Torrance, CA 90504-2316
    Phone: (310) 523-3373

    1. There is a Samoan restaurant in Carson:

      South Pacific Cuisine
      1756 Carson Avenue
      (310) 834-5969

      I have not been there and I do not know if they serve the dish you are looking for.