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Feb 16, 2008 07:07 AM

Annabel Lee's Tavern Fleet Street

This place is a must try! The atmosphere is cozy. Beer selection is good for Belgian styles including, of course, Brewer's Art beer. Though sold out of the green peppercorn triple, there is a Saison in its place. Chef Simons does some fun and unique things with his menu and the food is very reasonably priced. They offer some non-traditional bar foods as well as a selection of small plates but don't let the title of that area of the menu fool you- nothing really small about them. These are not tapas style by any means nor are they suppose to be. We tried the "tortillas" a special of the evening which were seasoned corn tortilla chips served with refried black beans and a habenero guacomole. The guac had kick but was well balanced and didn't blow your head off.
The small plate/entrees we had were the orange roughy fish tacos which were mild and flaky. The seasonings and the lettuce inside added a slighlt sweetness. The tacos were well portioned, not over flowing. It was accompanied by rice infused with beans and sausage. My husband had the lamb sliders. Sliders were juicy and quite tasty but the very unique blue cheese cole slaw is crazy good when paired with the slightly spicy brown sugar coated sweet potato fries. If I recall correctly most small plates were less than $12.

Service also- fantastic! Beware- this is a true tavern style dining experience. Though with the smoking ban in place you can't even tell you are in a bar. It is great. Majority of the seating is at the very large bar. There are only a handful of tables (~5-6) and most accomodate parties of 2. This is not exactly a place for big dinner parties.

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  1. Not knowing their hours we tried to go there for lunch today- alas not open till 4pm
    I'm very excited about this place- we'll report back on our experience

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      When I went at the beginning, it seemed kind of like fancy bar nibbles rather than real meals, have they become more of a serious restaurant?

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        FYI - they only have a six day license so are closed on Sundays - i found out the hardway :(

        Having eaten there twice and thoroughly enjoyed the food both times and on these recommendations my nieghbours have gone and also loved the food.
        A couple of deelightful dishes:
        The tuna tartare - $8 - a plate of tuna loin, crusted w/ peppercorns and seared so that it is still extremely rare. Sliced and served with a dipping sauce it's my new 'go to' place for tuna. It was THAT good.

        Lamb Slider burgers - two piled onto a bun w/ rosemary fries. They were cooked to order and tasty.

        I think the menu is small/plates/tapas and then the specials of the day board seems to feature more substantial sized meals - entrees, i guess but very reasonably priced.
        ALT is a def plus to the 'hood!

    2. Annabel Lee's rocks my world! the owner is from Brewer's Art and the chef from (now closed) Lulu's on Broadway. the atmosphere, an ode to Edgar Allen Poe, is inviting and cozy. the food is great. i have eaten there with my boyfriend 3 times and we both have been happy with each meal. this place has caught on so fast that it is super busy thursday-saturday nights, so come early or plan on waiting for a table. they are now offering nightly specials to add to the already great menu. must try- the bleu cheese mushroom soup and the tuna au poivre. the northeast side of town has been waiting for a place like this!