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Feb 16, 2008 06:51 AM

Bonte Waffles in Philly?

What happened to this place? I used to go to the 17th st. location when it was sort of quaint and charming and European, with good music on the sound system, and now it just looks like some generic, tacky place that should be next to Cinnabon on the side of the highway. I know that there are other locations - are they all so tacky??

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  1. I dunno. Maybe chain fever or trying to drum up business with the mini-waffles. I have only been back once in the past year or so last month, and they burned the bottom of our waffles to a crisp.

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    1. re: bluehensfan

      I noticed this too, and said "Things look suspiciously more professional, you must be franchising." And they said yes they are. They also took off most references to the waffles being in the style of Belgium. Is Belgium too weird and scary for the masses?

    2. I went to the one on 13th and Walnut last week and had a terrible waffle. It was undercooked and yucky inside. I would not go back there again.

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      1. re: ayai

        I have tried that location twice. Each time my waffle was burnt on the outside and undercooked inside. Yuck.

        1. re: vicarious

          My burned one was from the 17th St. location. Why bother setting the timer when they keep it on after the thing dings for a minute or so more? Is something amiss here or were the waffles better a few year back?

      2. I've been planning for a trip to Philly next weekend (from LA) and included Bonte Waffles on my list of places to visit... have things gone downhill recently? :( I was really looking forward to these but it sounds like the waffles are less than delicious now... may have to re-evaluate its spot on my list.

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        1. re: gsmoose

          I agree with Bluehensfan about the "chains fever" business. I think it's gone downhill as it's becoming more corporate or something.

          1. re: Neu FM

            It's scary how they have come up with "mini-waffles" in the same vein as minibons, complete with slick signs on the counter urging you to pick up two, or try one of the (yikes) combo meals. Even the web site is looking a bit "slick" these days...

        2. Maybe I just lucked out...but I had a banana waffle at the 17th St location last week and it was terrific.

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          1. re: DaisyM

            Similar experience here. I had a regular waffle last week at the 17th St location, and it came out perfectly warm and lovely. As for the atmosphere, I guess I've never paid enough attention, but it seems that this one hasn't changed too much, at least as far as I can see.

            1. re: Ali

              I hope this place is not changing for the worse. There is nothing quite like a lazy Sunday morning reading the paper, sipping some La Colombe coffee and eating a Bonte waffle! I am so tired of places changing for the worse when they become popular, lets hope this isn't the case here.....

          2. The original comment has been removed