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Feb 16, 2008 06:31 AM

Looking for a great korean dinner in chicago

any one have a great place for Korean food in chi town please help

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  1. You'll find recommendations in the discussion called "Best Korean in Chicago?" at

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      i heard ther is a new place in wicker park not sure of the name

        1. re: nsxtasy

          have you been do you know anything about this place?

            1. re: dukcass

              I've been to SuRa and didn't enjoy it all. It's not authentic Korean, it's Korean fusion and not very good Korean fusion at that. The red chili paste for the bibimbap had red wine vinegar mixed in and was served with cabbage and corn toppings. I certainly appreciated the creativity, but it didn't work taste-wise for me.

              Granted, I went the month it opened, so I hope it has improved since then.

              1. re: jlklp

                we went Saturday evening and was totally wowed authentic with a twist after all the chef is Korean!! The platting was fabulous and the taste was a 10 I recommend this neat place to anyone who is ready for a change

      1. There is a grocery store on kimball with a great in grocery cafe— lunch counter style.

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        1. re: jebalton

          Thanks I will give it a try love Korean food

          1. re: dukcass

            jebalton is referring to Joong Boo AKA Chicago Foods at the easiest address in the world: 3333 N. Kimball. The lil' lunch counter is awesome with tons of locals just getting a quick bite. I plan my runs up to Kimball (for their free buckwheat tea!) so that I can grab bibimbop for the train ride back, its a perfect day.

        2. you've got to try:
          san soo ka san (western just north of foster -- here's the google map link
          cho sun ok (


          i'm slightly more into san soo ka san, since it's open all the time (almost 25/7 - i think they close from like 3am - 6am or something) and the waitstaff has been nicer to me. but both have excellent bul go gi, which is what i judge on.

          1. My boss is vegetarian of Korean descent. I'd love to be able to direct her to a great Korean restaurant where she doesn't have to eat meat, but it seems like so much Korean food is meat-based. Anyone know where she would be wowed?

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            1. re: chicgail

              Amitabul on Milwaukee just south of Devon is the best veg Korean around.