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Feb 16, 2008 06:01 AM

Food/gift basket ideas, etc...

There has been a death in the family- and I want to either send something nice or drop something off- besides flowers and the typicla fruit basket. Any ideas for delivery to Main Line? I would love to send one of those chocolate covered fruit trays or even a lasagna? Looking for other ideas- even if it is just for another gift basket.

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  1. Carlino's (in Ardmore) has great lasagnas, but you have to spend a lot before they'll deliver. Food Source (in Bryn Mawr) delivers and has a web site with lots of ideas; Delaware Market (in Gladwyne) delivers dinner and dessert items; and I have used Viking Pastries (in Ardmore) to send a cookie and pastry tray.

    1. incredible edible fruit is a good idea - a bit pricey, but the fruit is very good, and it is a gorgeous presentation. I also always like to fall back on Cheryl & Co to deliver yummy treats. They have nice baskets of individually wrapped slices of cakes and cookies, for any occassion.