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Feb 16, 2008 05:48 AM

Drinks before Les Nomades

Dinner is at 8p. We plan to go downtown around six to see the ice sculpture installation in the park. I'm assuming that we will have spare time and we will be looking for somewhere to have a before dinner drink, either near the park or near the restaurant. Keep in mind that we will be dressed to the nines, so biker bars are out. Have thought about the Gage but would like something a bit more relaxed than a gastropub. Thanks

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  1. I dined at Les Nomades about a year ago (really enjoyed it btw) and went for drinks at J Bar in the James Hotel. It's an enjoyable spot and just down the street from the restaurant.

    1. If J is not open yet, try the bar at David Burke's (great steak house in James Hotel) next door. Drinks and appetizers at Repubic Pan Asian on ontario across from James is good too. The lobby bar at the Conrad hotel is also very nice. There also appears to be a nice bar (wine and chocolate) in the Intercontinental but I have not been in yet.