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Feb 16, 2008 05:45 AM

Help! Need slightly "upscale" Chinatown lunch spot for 20

Can anyone recommend a place that has really good food and is a bit nicer than usual? This is for a post-wedding lunch. We're willing to be adventurous, go off the beaten path. Banquet halls would definitely be an option.


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  1. My recommendation is for either:

    Amazing 66
    66 Mott Street
    212.334 0099

    Oriental Garden
    14 Elizabeth Street

    You will definitely need to call ahead to make reservations ahead to secure tables for a party of your size. If you prefer Seafoods, I would give the edge to OG.

    1. Amazing 66 and Chatham Square 6 will fit your need. The latter often hosts banquets for wedding and such, so they have set menus and big round tables available (and TV too!)

      If you want even nice decor, Chinatown Brasserie will be a good choice. Definitely more expensive than the above, but you will have a much more upscale place to host the event.

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        any of the above mentioned places I wouldn't consider suitable for anything close to formal, good food but still pretty loud and informal. still above average for chinatown, but chinatown doesn't have the highest decor standards. I've never been to Peking Duck House on Mott, but have been inside (i've meant to try it and went inside to look at the menu once) I've heard the food is decent and I think that it's a little more chic than the run of the mill giant round table chinatown place.

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          Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I'm seriously considering Chatham Square 6, but also was wondering about Grand Harmony on Mott St. It has a very cheery atmosphere, but does anyone know if the food is good?