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Feb 16, 2008 04:48 AM

Dinner suggesions in/around Concord area?

Hi -

Having recently moved back here after 20 years I have no idea where the good places to eat are anymore! We're looking for somewhere to go for dinner tonight and am soliciting ideas...I'm familiar with the restaurants directly in Concord, and am not really thrilled with them so am willing to go farther afield (Lexington, Arlington, Waltham) if necessary. We'd like a low-key place that has really yummy food. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. What kind of food do you prefer.....a shortlist of preferred cuisine would help with making suggestions

    1. There is an amazing Cantonese restaurant in Acton (believe it or not) in the robin blue house by the train station. The place is called Acton Coffee House, or something like that. This is not a place for fancy dinner out, but the food is delicious and fresh. There are some tables inside, and during the summer, you can eat outside as well. There are several posts about the food. Here is a link to the first one I remember:

      1. Welcome back!

        We've lived in Concord for 28 years and have always driven into town to eat out. There is a long thread called Why are there no good restaurants in the Concord Area?

        There used to be Aigo Bistro but it didn't last. Flora in Arlington is good and an easy drive, although a little "special", also Toraya, Blue Ribbon BBQ, Katmandu Spice (havn't tried that one)....otherwise you might as well drive into Cambridge.

        Also there are some great glorified farm stands that have good take home food: Verril Farm in Concord, Idylwilde Farm in Acton, and Wilson Farm in Lexington.

        1. Try Catch in Winchester on Church St. Excellent small seafood place. You won't be disappointed

          1. Welcome back to Concord, the no man's land of dinner fun. I agree there is no place worthwhile to eat in this area unfortunately. The closest would be Natick (Sel de la Terre), Waltham (Elephant's Walk) or Arlington (Scutra, Ole Mexican Grill, Flora.)

            One fairly new option in Concord is Farfalle Italian Market (across the train tracks from La Provence.) They serve very good refined Italian food for lunch and you can eat there until 7PM or they will prepare it for takeout. It's not full service but they will bring food to your table and really try very hard to make things perfect. I have been very impressed by their level of dedication.