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Feb 16, 2008 02:12 AM

Going to Sparks - what to order?

I'm going to Sparks Steakhouse ( tonight and have a few questions:

- How many ounces are the entree fish portions? (They offer swordfish, sea bass, red snapper, etc). I'm assuming I can get this broiled or baked?

- What cut of steak is juicy and tender? (not too much concern for fat content


- Are the salads and vegetable portions generous?


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  1. I cannot speak to much about items besides steak.
    I have not had fish there but have had entrees, other than steak.
    Not recommended.
    And I think Spark's is the 2nd to 4th best option for steak in NYC.
    If you are concerned with fat content, one you shouldn't be going to eat steak and two, you are in the world of misinformation about health.
    So, you have two choices for sure on the menu, currently, filet and sirloin, that are not straight meat, no sauce, accompaniments, etc. and I suggest you stick with those.
    Perhaps they will offer some other nice cut. I forget if it changes sometimes.
    It is a place for good meat, not great cheffin'.
    Honestly, I cannot recall the sides in terms of portion size, sorry.
    I would say they are average steakhouse size. Which means, more than enough for one person but usually you want more than one type of side so order accordingly.
    Plus, you can always order more.
    The wine list is extensive, also.

    Hope it is enjoyable.

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    1. re: gambit50

      He said not too concerned with fat content :).

      Sirloin is their best cut.

      1. re: tpigeon

        Agreed, I would skip the filet because I never order it anywhere. Yes, it is too lean. HA!

    2. I went to Sparks last year and dind not enjoy my meal there at all. We all ordered steaks- sirolin and it was very tough. The waiter, who had a thick Eastern european accent, was obnoxious- kept saying that we are Floridians although we were born, and raised and working in the NY metro area, He just wouldn't let up and it was not funny. He kept asking us about how our retirement is in Florida- just woudn't let up. They also wanted to stick us in a corner by the bar, when the rest of the place was empty. They did change our table upon request. Just was not a pleasant experience. hope yours is better.

      1. wanted to report back about my dinner at sparks. it was excellent. you get what you pay for.

        portions are VERY generous. the spinach salad is fresh and can definitely feed 2. or 3 even.
        the sirloin was prepared perfectly. the sea bass was over 10 ounces, the steak is easily over 10oz as well. caesar salad was very yummy and the creamy spinach isn't that great.

        the restaurant is huge and we were seated immediately (had reservations). we liked another table and we were led directly to the table of our choice w/o problems.

        service was excellent. prompt, polite, and as friendly as they needed to be.

        will definitely return.