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Feb 16, 2008 12:27 AM

suggestions for academy awards dinner?

i'm planning my annual home-cooked academy awards dinner and i haven't seen that many movies yet and i'm not quite sure i'm satisfied yet.

i've been searching for other recipes, but none have stood out to me...

so far on my menu i have the following:

Asparagus custard tart in honor of sweeny todd, atonement
Rib-eye steak in honor of no country for old men
Mushroom risotto in honor of into the wild
individual fried apple pies in honor of juno

does anyone have any good british recipes that i could use to honor sweeney todd/or atonement? i'm not sure i am as excited about the asparagus tart.

does anyone have any good french side dishes, appetizers, or soups (not french onion, i did that before)? i was thinking of honoring ratatouille (sp?) without making ratatouile...

here's a link to the academy website with a list of nominations in case there's another cuisine or movie for creative inspiration...

the dinner is for about 10 people and i have less than a week to prepare (because it's next sunday and i want to shop ahead of time and do some advance prep).

thanks in advance!

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  1. I have done Oscar parties a few times over the last few years and I always go to Wolfgang Puck's oscar menu that he does for the Govenors Ball. It's the official Oscar Hollywood party where all the stars will dine on Oscar night. I usually look over his menu and adapt from that it's always a lot of fun. Honestly after seeing Sweeny Todd I am not sure I will ever be able to eat another meat pie.

      1. When I read "asparagus custard" for Sweeney Todd, well... Didn't ring any bells for me. Don't know that much about "Atonement," but for a Sweeney Todd first course, I'd definitely go for a pate en crout. Technically, it IS a "meat pie." Maybe make the "croute" in the shape of a filled and really big gingerbread boy?

        For "Into the Wild," the risotto is fine IF you use wild rice. But who wants to stir that long! Maybe a wild rice pilaf.

        If you want to do something for Daniel Day Lewis in "There Will Be Blood," a bloody mary is obvious. But so is blood sausage. Actually, blood sausage will work for Sweeney Tood too.

        Cate Blanchett "Elizaabeth: The Golden Age" As an accompaniment to dessert, a cookie in the shape of an "ER" (Elizabeth Regina) gilded with edible 24K gold leaf you can pick up in most cake supply shops.

        Marion Cotillard "La Vie en Rose" For dessert, a custard flavored with rose water topped with a real rose.

        Animated Feature Film "Ratatouille" Obvious!

        Foreign Film "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" How many first courses can you serve? A shrimp (or any seafood) cocktail with a pretty butterfly from a hobby shop perched on the side of the container.

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          You could kill three birds with one stone, and do a meat pie, which would take care of Sweeney Todd, There Will Be Blood and Waitress (I think the screenplay is nominated.)

        2. thanks all =)

          these are great suggestions!

          the only thing is, i'm not a fan of meat pies... =) i'll look into the pate en croute.

          the mushroom risotto is a wild mushroom risotto that i found on-line, i haven't seen the movie, but someone else suggested mushrooms and such...

          i know the asparagus tart isn't obvious, but i was searching british recipes since sweeney todd and atonement take place in london and this one popped up.

          i've checked out a couple of cookbooks from the library too.

          i think this year it'll be a smaller celebration since i'm super busy. but i want to throw a little soemthing anyway.

          i'm not too familiar with british recipes except yorkshire pudding, trifles, and beef wellington, and i've done those all in the past already....

          thanks for the suggestions! if you have more, keep 'em coming!

          1. Well, natch, I think you ought to do a milkshake for There Will Be Blood.