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Where to find Wild Boar Bacon?

I'm pretty sure it is available in Toronto but not sure where... any tips on where to find Wild Boar Bacon would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. They (d'Artagnan) also make a Duck Bacon, which is my favourite. But I've never found it in Toronto. So if anyone finds the Wild Boar version, would you also please check for the Duck version?

    1. There is a producer of wild boar bacon and other products in Alberta. They don't list locations on their website but there's an email address you can contact to see if and where they ship to in TO.

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        You can find it at the North St. Lawrence market on Saturday mornings. it's on the 2nd isle on the west close to the south end.

      2. Lakeland Game Farm in St. Catharines. I think they also do mail order.

        1. Not certain, but I think that I've seen it at Cumbrae, in cryovac in the cooler on the left hand side of the shop.

          1. The Healthy Butcher makes it on occasion, whenever they get fresh wild boar. Call them to see if they it. A guy who works there was raving about how good it is. I've tried grilled boar loin chop. Incredible.

            The Healthy Butcher
            565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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                How much is it? probably only $32.99 /lb?

              2. you will easily find it at universal game farm in coldwater, ON (just north of mount st louis moonstone on hwy 400). best to call ahead though before making the trip. i just bought a thwack of it hahah

                other things you can get there:
                elk ribs, roasts, blades, prime ribs, loins, sausages, etc
                venison (same, plus neck roasts)
                bison everything plus burgers, marinated blade steaks
                rabbit, alligator, etc.

                neat little operation they've got. i use the sausages out of the casings for the richest pasta sauce going. noms.

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                  Does this farm (Universal Game Farm) sell most of their products frozen or do they have fresh too?

                  In the past I have found a lot of places with interesting meat selling all of their stuff frozen.

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                    ylsf, you are correct -- you will find things generally frozen up there if you just show up. they have a fairly large wooded farm for most of their animals, but a few are raised offsite from my understanding and most of their butchering is also done offsite. i think, though, that if you gave claire a call, it can be possible to arrange fresh cuts. we have purchased wild boar -- chops and ground -- fresh from her on special request.

                    it's a bit far, i recognize, but if you are a skier it can easily be arranged as it's only 10m north of the exit for mount st louis moonstone.


                2. Perth Pork Products sells it, but you may have to pick it up at the farm -- I'm not sure whether they deliver to Toronto. You could also ask the guy who sells elk products at the St. Lawrence North market. I have bought a boar roast from him before.