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Feb 15, 2008 08:15 PM

Marco Island - food shopping

I am going in a couple weeks to Marco Island. We are going to be staying in a group with 9 food enthusiastic adults and 7 young kids. While we would love to sample the fine dining of the area we will probably be doing a lot of cooking and some casual lunches out. I have done a lot of research on this site and others, but would love some advice on any of the topics below:

Seafood Markets:
My ideal meal on vacation is fresh fish or shrimp simply prepared. If I am staying on Marco, what is my best option for fresh seafood: Paradise Shrimp, Kirk Fish Company in Goodland, or somewhere else? Are there certain specialties at either of these places? Is Swan's or Captain Jerry's in Naples much better and worth the drive?

Stone Crabs:
If we want to eat stone crabs one night, what is our best bet: Stone Crab Company in Goodland, Capri Fisheries, other?

Citrus Groves:
I love fresh citrus. I have read about a few groves/markets in the area and plan to make the drive to one early in my trip. Is one of these best: Temple Grove, Stoney's, or South Naples? Any others that are better?

If we were to get takeout pizza one night which one of these is best: 5 Brothers, DaVinci's, and Joey's? Others?

Farmer's Market:
Is the Wednesday Farmer's Market on Marco Island at St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Collier Blvd worth a visit? If so, any vendors you would recommend?

Seafood shacks:
While dinners out are not likely to happen, would love to get out for a couple casual seafood lunches. The two that caught my eye were Pelican Bend on the Isle of Capri and the Little Bar in Goodland? Which one has better food? better atmosphere? Kind of mixed reviews on Captain Bryan's; should we avoid that one?

Key Lime Pie:
Love it, but could not find any recos. Where is the best place in the area?

Also did not find a lot. Any you would recommend for bread? muffins/scones? desserts?

I read a little about Abondanza. How are the sandwiches there? I also read about a place called the Gourmet Shop. What is that? Any good?

Okay, ton of questions. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Also, please include any great recommendations of places I have missed. I will be sure to report back.

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  1. Pizza: Davincis is by farr the besttttt pizza you will eat in Marco...they have a brick oven and amazingly fresh ingredients...the owners aree soo nicee....I go to Marco to have Davincis pizza...delicoussss

    Seafood shacks: Capatain Bryans is the best in Marco.nooo doubt,, food, best location, best outside seating, best service...AND they have a killer keylime pie!!! you wont regret it....
    Go to these two places you wont be disappointed!!! You will be coming back mutiple times. I plan my day trips around making it to these two places everytime I come to marco

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      Do not miss Little Bar in Goodland - their soft shell crabs and conch chowder/black bean soup, etc. etc. are the best.

    2. Josh.
      Let me know when you go back and I'll be happy to share my thoughts! Hope you had a great time!

      1. The Farmers Market at St Marks is now being run by the city of Marco Island. It's new name is The City of Marco Island Farmers Market and it is now located at Mackle Park - 1361 Andalusia Terrace, Marco Island, FL 334145. Contact Jennifer Travis 239-389-5034 or or
        Open seasonally Nov. -April on Wednesdays 7:30am - 2:00pm. There are a lot of great vendors the best local fish, citrus, veggies, bread and flowers. NOT TO BE MISSED.