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Feb 15, 2008 06:36 PM

blue plate bummer

i used to love this place so much. went to dinner recently with two work colleagues, and it was really bad, almost across the board. service was good, but not great, but the food just plain tasted bad. also, while two of us were served our entrees, our third entree was delayed for a full five minutes. for appetizers we got grilled squid which was pretty plain, cornmeal crusted oysters which were bitter and kind of chalky, and the mac and cheese, which was great. i ordered the halibut which tasted as though it had not been salted at all - cooked to a nice consistency, but very bland - and really, desperately needing salt. one colleague got the pasta which was also average at best. the one star was the pork porterhouse - which was delicious.

this was all is stark contrast to a meal that same week at Tinderbox, which was AMAZING. Will report on this separately.

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  1. I haven't been to Blue Plate in a very long time either, but the grilled squid used to be FANTASTIC! sorry to hear it was plain, never a word I would have used....that is a bummer.

    1. Wow, this is disappointing to hear. We live in Bernal and go to Blue Plate frequently. And almost always we have a great experience there. In fact, in December, I had the best duck confit of my entire life there. My partner almost always orders their pasta (last time it was wild nettle) and he loves it. Their meatloaf, in my opinion, is consistently delicious. The one bad item we've had there was in January -- they had a "bacon" item on the appetizer menu. But that "bacon" was a giant blog of melting salt pork fat with some meat attached to it. The bacon meat itself was delicious, though very rich and salty. But everyone at the table thought that was disgusting to look at and not appropriate for an appetizer. Other than that, we've had consistently good food there, and we go quite often.