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Feb 15, 2008 06:30 PM

Late Night Dining in Queens?

Any recs for late night dining besides diners??

no preference in type of food.

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  1. shortage of all night can take your pick along Northern Blvd. Whenever I go to a concert with my son, and eat out afterwards, we go to a Korean restaurant.

    1. Greek in Astoria--

      Stamati's is open till 12 on weeknights, Uncle Georges (love it or hate it) is open 24 hours.

      1. Also, Chinese along Main St. in Flushing. Not to say that everything stays open, but even at 11pm there are numerous choices available.

        1. I just wanted to bring this up again. Any late night recs for each of the following areas:

          Jackson Heights/Elmhurst
          -additions to what's posted in ?


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            Alpha Donuts, 24 hours, good donuts, decent diner food (eggs, turkey club)

            the mexican place on Greenpoint Ave btwn 47 and 48th is open til 4 every night, solid tacos esp the carne enchilada...

            1. re: pgunn


              Rincon Azteca
              47-16 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11104

          2. let me just throw out there cherry valley deli. open 24 hour. college style place. yummy sandwiches I am glad I ate.

            theres always the trucks along roosevelt in JH. but when Im hungry past midnight, I usually go to kababish or kebab king on broadway in JH.