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Feb 15, 2008 06:24 PM

Mermaid Inn UWS

Considering Mermaid Inn UWS.

Has anyone been there in January/February?

Has it improved or is it still as mediocre as earlier reviews?


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    1. re: harrison

      Thanks. We'll consider it tonight as we have an early reservation.

    2. We went last week and it was stellar.

      I dont ask much of a seafood restaurant:

      1) Are the scallops fresh or dry?

      2) Are the oysters freshly shucked and served in the concave half in their brine?

      3) Does someone check each mussel because it only takes one rotten one to ruin the bunch.

      This place passed with flying colors. When asked about the scallops, the waiter did not answer "Oh, they are very fresh and not dry at all but very juicy" as 99% of restaurants do. He actually knew that only the "dry" grade has no preservatives that removes the nutty flavor and renders them tasteless.

      The oysters were so good, I had two portions and the mussel appetizer to finish. All Excellent. Someone else had the lobster roll - all solid meat from a whole 1 lb lobster or so on a tasty roll.

      will definitely go again.