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Feb 15, 2008 06:21 PM

Little Grocery on Oberlin in Raleigh

Has anyone eaten at this little run down neighborhood grocery? It is on Oberlin in Raleigh (not too far from Cameron Village). I saw in the window that they have sandwiches. Just wondering if it is worth it. I am always looking for dive-gems!!!

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  1. I'm curious, too! Please report if you have. I've wondered about that place for years!

    1. My SO has gone there over the years & says the sandwiches are pricey but good & pretty big portions of meat (thinks it is Boars Head). But it is worth going for their Brunswick Stew! Food is take-out only.

      1. The Community Gro.

        Interior is just a few racks of goods and a couple of reach in chillers for drinks. There's a counter where you order sandwiches and soups. I'll second the vote for their brunswick stew. This place is a great little neighborhood location.

        1. I only ever had the hot dog, which was okay but not great. When I get back to Raleigh, I'll have to try the brunswick stew.