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Feb 15, 2008 05:57 PM

Late Night eats in Culver City?

Going to the theater tonight at the Kirk Douglas theater in Culver City - the show gets out around 10pm - any suggestions of what to eat at that time of night - good food, relatively healthy, not too expensive? I like Tender Greens, but they close at 10, so we won't get there in time... Been wanting to try Ford's Filling Station, but consensus seems to be too much $ for too little satisfaction...



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  1. You could try Fraiche. They have a bar menu until 12am.

    1. ugo is open late, iirc

      mao's kitchen is in venice open til early morn

      if it's a weekend, fassica closes at midnight.

      again for a weekend, irori is open til 11.

      weekend hours for baby blues bbq is til 11.

      same for primitivo til 12 i believe

      aunt kizzy's back porch is open til eleven for down home goodyness.