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Feb 15, 2008 05:43 PM

Dim Sum Take Out in South Bay

I get dim sum take out from places like You's Dim Sum on Broadway or Louie's Dim Sum on Stockton in San Francisco. In Oakland, I go to Sun Sing Pastry on 8th St or Tao Yuen on Franklin.

Are there similar places in Sunnyvale south and east to San Jose and Milpitas?

My 20 is Pacific Grove, where there is no dim sum worth eating, so these places are OK with me.

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  1. Take out dim sum places like these are more associated with core urban Chinatowns like SF, NY and LA since their primary target is the lower income customer that is more likely to frequent Chinatown. One place that has some dim sum items, and a particularly humongous and tasty baked cha shu bao is King Eggroll, 1221 Story Road in San Jose.

    1. King Egg Roll has been posted already, I fear that is as good as it get unless you go to San Francisco.

      99Ranch has take out dim sum, but it is very hit and miss. Sometime they are also as good as the ones and other not even close. Their dim sum chefs do not stay long. The 99Randh on Lundy Ave is the closest to you.

      If you are in San Jose you should drive around and check out what other new places there are. I have been retired for five years and my information is truly out of date.There are alway new places spring up.

      1. I haven't been in yrs, but I remember it being pretty good:

        New Hwong Kok
        1705 N Milpitas Blvd
        Milpitas, CA 95035
        (408) 263-1268

        Old posts:

        1. I don't know about the places you are referencing, but two posts recommend King Egg Roll. I get food from King Egg Roll, sometimes on a weekly basis. King Egg Roll is to dim sum as McDonalds is to burgers.

          I recommend Ocean Delight over King, I haven't tried takeout, but a neighbor recently did for a Lunar New Year celebration and he had good things to say about the food.

          Ocean Delight is on Monterey Road, just north of Blossom Hill, they have a sister restaurant (Ocean Palace) about a block north. I usually eat at OP, my neighbor usually eats at OD. I recommended OP to him and he got lost and ended up at OD.

          It may not be traditional dim sum, but Lee's Sandwiches has a Vietnamese take on dim sum, they probably have 10-20 items. There is a Lee's (Lee's is a chain) on Monterey just south of Capitol.

          On Lawrence Expressway close to 101 (North on Lawrence from 101) is a chinese restaurant, in ~20 years it has 3-5 different names, I haven't eaten since their recent name change but a former co worker eats there occasionally. It is called Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor. He will make a trip on weekends for dim sum.

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            I think the post was for a McDonald's type of choice, with the parallel being to You's and Louie's, which are walkaway type places in Chinatown, as opposed to full service, high quality dim sum restaurants.