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Feb 15, 2008 05:20 PM

Bistro on Avenue for Wings

Tried for the first time and did not enjoy the wings at Bistro (or the fries for that matter). The herby-ranch sauce came in some St. Louis branded plastic dipping sauce containers... not that pubs have chefs who slave hours over home-made dipping sauces, or that it really even matters much... but I found the sauce quite unpallatable. The wings were way too dry and not even remotely spicy (I ordered hot).

PLEASE NOTE... It seems I am in the minority on this one, many chowhounders swear by Bistro and St. Louis! I much prefer real buffalo-style wings, though many people have left comments that places like Duffs are too "vinegary" -- the simple fact is that wing sauce is generally hot sauce and butter, and hot sauce has vinegar as a main component..

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  1. Although I am a fan of true Buffalo wings, I have to say I disagree with on the wings, fries and sauce at the Bistro. I like all three alot, especially when the wings and fries are well done. Although the wings and sauce play havoc with my digestive system for about 2 days. What I don't like are the high prices and miserable serving staff. Haven't had a smile there in a decade, which is fine because I hardly leave a tip. Cold beer, good wings and close proximity keep "pulling me back in".

    1. I like both Bistro and St Louis (they're exactly the same) although they are not certainly Buffalo style. They have their own unique flavour which I find addictive. I agree their hot is not really hot. Hot sauce on the side addresses that for me. They can sometimes be dry although not normally in my experience. I have visited many St Louis and they are all pretty consistent and I keep going back although I try not to do it too often as I don't want to die of a heart attack.

      1. I am a fan of Bistro/St Louis wings, fries and dipping sauce.

        However, over the past few years, Bistro's quality and consistency has gone down the drain. Also, not all St Louis are created equal. Overall, there's a huge lack of consistency with the amount of sauce applied to wings. So much so that it kept pushing me up the heat scale to suicide and hotter than hell.

        Anyways, moral of the story. Not a huge fan of Bistro on Avenue but the Davisville St Louis, which has been my main stay for many years has been consistent with a good quality waitstaff.

        Also, if you have a problem with the amount of sauce, just order more on the side.