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Feb 15, 2008 05:10 PM

Breakfast within walking distance of Palmer House

Would appreciate any advice on a great place for breakfast within walking distance of the Palmer House?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Palmer House Hilton is on the block bounded by Monroe, Adams, Wabash, and State.

    Starting with the closest...

    Lockwood is the name of the new restaurant in the Palmer House itself, and it's open for breakfast. I haven't been there yet.

    Two blocks north on State is Atwood Cafe, on the corner of Washington and State in the Hotel Burnham. American comfort food, excellent place (not only for breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner).

    Two blocks north on Wabash is Heaven on Seven, on the seventh floor of an office building. Cajun food!

    Orange on Harrison is about five blocks south. Egg and pancake specialties, and design-your-own fresh juice blends.

    My favorite breakfast place in the downtown area is about a mile south, at the corner of Wabash and Roosevelt Road. It's called Bongo Room and they have egg and pancake specialties. Last time I was there I had blueberry pancakes topped with an almond panna cotta cream, yum!!!

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      Orange on Harrison has closed.

      If you go to Bongo Room (which I love), here's a tip. A standard size order of pancakes consists of three GIGANTIC pancakes. However, you can get one-third and two-thirds portion sizes at a reduced price, for kids, or for adults who want to try more than one dish.

    2. A breakfast that is kind of oddball but delicious can be had at Heaven on Seven, a Cajun restaurant (there for years) on the 7th floor an office building, The Garland, 111 Wabash between Randolph and Washington (behind the big Macy's on State Street). Go to Restaurant Menus Chicago to see their breakfast menu, which runs to things like Shrimp Creole Omelet and Bananas Foster Pecan French Toast.

      Heaven on Seven
      600 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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        Heaven on Seven is good. Just be aware that the Wabash location doesn't open till 9 a.m. on weekdays, 10 a.m. on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays.

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          . . . and don't forget the cheese grits. Works exceptionally well with eggs over easy and andouille sausage. Not to be confused with some of the great NOLA restaurants (or its inferior companion restaurant in River North), but considered as a breakfast spot, time permitting, it's one of the best options in the Loop. Since it's not well-known as a breakfast haven, it's not usually crowded--lunch, however, is another matter.

        2. Atwood Cafe, Heaven on Seven, and Bongo Room are all still great choices.

          If you prefer a lighter "continental" breakfast, here are some additional nearby places to consider:

          Intelligentsia Coffee, 53 East Randolph, Chicago's premier hometown cofee roaster -

          Toni Patisserie, 65 East Washington, for croissants and other French/European breads and pastries -

          Do-Rite Donuts, 50 West Randolph, for... well, you can guess -