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Feb 15, 2008 04:58 PM

Lockhart BBQ

OK Guys-On our way to Austin tomorrow from San Antonio, we have time to stop at one place to sample brisket or whatever. We do have to stop in Marion also at an account of husbands but I haven't looked at map to see any back roads there yet. I havent been in years and only remember stopping at new Kreuz Market. Any ideas for a stop or two? Oh ,and I've been reading your reviews for years now and am ready for some Q.

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  1. If you're having BBQ in Lockhart, I think there are only two ways to go. I recommend Smitty's and Kreuz Market. Both of them compete for the top spot. I usually prefer the brisket (the FATTY brisket, please) at Kreuz, but I think the prime rib is often better at Smitty's.

    I do not recommend Black's, and I can honestly promise that I will never go there again.

    Many people apparently enjoy Chisholm Trail, but that must be because they offer a wide variety of sides. I have seen it said that Lockhart locals eat there, and I tried it once on the recommendation of a local barber who was cutting my hair, but it was nothing special, in my opinion, and I see no reason to ever go there again. I say that the people who enjoy it must like it because of the sides because the meat does not even compare to the meat available at Smitty's or Kreuz. CT does (or did) offer salads, cole slaw, peach cobbler, etc., but none of them were better than you might find in a plastic tub at a grocery store deli, and the cobbler was all but inedible.

    1. Definitely Smitty's. Kreuz doesn't offer you sauce (if that makes a difference) and it was out of the fatty brisket the last two times I went. The sauceless lean brisket I had to settle for was pretty boring.

      1. I would recommend that you stop twice - Kreuz for the brisket and Smitty's for the ribs and suasage.

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          I do it the opposite way- Smittys for brisket and Kreuz' for ribs

        2. It's all about Smitty's.

          1. Smitty's for me, as I'm not one for the fatty brisket at Kreuz's. Plus Kreuz's is so darn big now. Smitty's has a better atmosphere, if you don't mind the lack of plates, forks, and knives.