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Feb 15, 2008 04:56 PM


We are going to QC on Sunday and staying at the Hotel Du Frontenac(we were there last year around this time with a group of hockey families. We had sooo much fun at the night clubs and everything else we are coming back for more but bringing the kids. This year they are with us not the billets!). We will have 4 adults, and 4 kids; 3,7,10,11, some finicky, some go with the flow. We plan on going to the snow park, sugar shack, ice hotel, beaver tails..... can I get some recommendations for evening dining with the kids that is in the moderate range? Please include italian, chinese, american (continental) and french (of course!) What about croissants? Where are the most delicious?
Thanks. We are only there til Thurs. We plan on packing a lot into our days.

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  1. You may wish to read a few of the threads that have recently been posted on Quebec City. I will warn you that child friendly restaurants with food in the moderate range will likely not be terribly good (if you can find such a thing), as food in Quebec City tends to be quite expensive, and many places are out and out overpriced tourist traps, unfortunately. As for Italian and Chinese, don't bother - they're not something that the city is known for - there's a Piazzetta restaurant on St. Jean, which is tolerable for pizzas and pastas (but just barely). French food, on the other hand, is easy to find, although don't expect it to be inexpensive if it's good. Croissants, sandwiches etc. can be found at Paillard - great family-friendly place, but it's not open for dinner. There are quite a few other places that have been mentioned on this list as well (Chez Temporel, and some others I can't think of off the top of my head). Do check the previous threads on this list for suggestions, and have fun - and most importantly, dress warmly!