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Feb 15, 2008 04:50 PM

Is there great Sushi in Tucson ???

Ok, I am looking for the BEST sushi in Tucson. Thanks in advance !

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  1. I am planning a trip there at the end of the month and will add that to my pre-trip research and let you know what I learn...the info will be coming from Tucson residents who I deem trustworthy.
    If you live there, I'd like to know about the best seafood and/or chef-driven restaurants...don't need to be high end.

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    1. re: eloise1011

      Not certain if it's still there you'll have to check because it's been a few years since I've been down that way.
      My wife and I would go to a place called sushicho. We've eaten sushi all over the U.S. and I've never seen sushi portions like theirs anywhere.
      If I remember they were on like 16th and broadway across from a safeway.

      1. re: Barbecue Joe

        It's Suchiko, at the Southwest corner of Broadway and Campbell. I can't comment on it, as I haven't eaten there in many years.

        1. re: lawyerbriefs

          It's actually Sushi Cho, and it's not very good. I know the owners are or used to be the owners of the formerly great Sushi Ten (Speedway and Columbus), but Sushi Ten's owner's I believe moved up to the Phoenix area to start Sushi Ken (which I hear is fabulous). Sushi Cho has somewhat large portions for a decent price, but it's nothing special. I've had it as recently as a few months ago and I can't recommend it. I'm trying to think of what sushi places are actually decent...all I know is that Kampai is awful, and Sushi Garden is decent. Ra-don't even bother unless you want a bunch of sauces and foo-fooness overtaking your sushi. Yuki's-eh, if you're saki-bombing and need some sushi, it's not terrible.

          I think that Sushi Hama is supposed to be good, but I can't remember the last time I ate there (I believe it's somewhere on Oracle). And there's a Shogun on Oracle too, which was good from what I remember. I haven't had truly outstanding sushi in Tucson ever since Sushi Ten went downhill. Sorry if this post doesn't help much, but there really is a lack of great sushi in this city! If anyone know of a good place...please let me know :)

          1. re: Jess321

            I'm a bit late for the original poster, but for Jess321 or anyone else that happens to venture down into Tucson, there is no doubt in my mind that Sushi King (Fort Lowell & Campbell) is easily the place to turn Tucson sushi into something that should be recognized.

            I've eaten at over 30 sushi serving restaurants in Tucson (I bet you didn't think there were that many!) While a few have stood apart, I think Sushi King deserves special recognition above and beyond. I'm still fairly new to sushi (2.5 years), but my interests are in authenticity and traditionalism. I've eaten sushi at a few places in LA/Japantown and consider myself pretty much an obsessive geek in at least this category. Seki-san delivers what I want and then some.

            Seki-san focuses on quality fish. Sashimi will treat you right here. He turns away the Uni until he gets it fresh. His shime-saba and tamago will make you want more. I've been lucky enough to stumble upon him when he's had shima-aji and even otoro.

            On top of all this, he is fair on his prices and even doesn't make money on some of his higher end fish as he feels it's necessary to get the quality fish but not raise his prices to an unreasonable point.

            Lastly, he recognizes the local American interests. He's got plenty of rolls for all of you that are obsessed with all things round. Plenty of my family and friends are not into the very traditional aspect I crave for sushi. They all speak wonderfully of his rolls and the kitchen food available here.

            You simply can't go wrong if you are in Tucson.

            To compare to some other local sushi-yas that are worth mentioning, check out: Yamato, Sachiko (on Wilmot), Saga (Mexican influence!), Sushi on Oracle, and Sushi Yukari.

            Sushi King
            1800 E Fort Lowell Rd Ste 116, Tucson, AZ 85719

            1. re: Jess321

              Jess has it backwards, IMHO. Kampai is decent. Sushi Garden is an all-you-can eat dump.